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R&F City On sale Condo Shops

The layout of project is three lifts and eight households every floor, each household has good lighting.
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  • Condo / Shops
  • Delivery time 2021-06
  • Hard
  • Exquisite
Address: Cambodia Phnom Penh Mean Chey cross at Hun Sen Boulevard and Monivong Boulevard


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Property News (18)
  • There are a total of 20 high-rise apartments in the project, 9 in Zone A, and 11 in Zone B. There are parking lots on the 1st basement floor and 2 floors above the ground. The ratio of parking spaces is close.
  • The site is located on Hun Sen Avenue, Phnom Penh, Garden City. The hardcover existing houses are on sale. In June, you can directly check in with your bags. You can apply for a mortgage if you have the property rights. An unprecedented discount of 1350$/square (hardcover+furniture appliances+existing houses+CBD area).
Building information
Basic information
  • Project name:R&F City
  • Property rights:Hard
  • Property type: Condo/ Shops
  • Decoration: Exquisite
  • Address: Cambodia Phnom Penh Mean Chey cross at Hun Sen Boulevard and Monivong Boulevard
  • Developer:R&F Cambodia
  • Opening time:2018-06
  • Delivery time: 2021-06
Development Features
  • Amenities
  • High return yield
  • Brand developer
  • Prime location
  • Fast appreciation
Introduction of development
R&F City in Phnom Penh is the first of R&F's strong presence in Cambodia. It currently has two major groups: Phnom Penh R&F City, Huating, Phnom Penh R&F City, and a total of approximately 760,000 square meters of international gardens. Located in the southern part of the capital city, the core of the future international new city, the wealth of the heart of the ASEAN, the benchmark for the quality of life of the world.
       The design of one car with one parking space is implemented. The pedestrian and car diversion is implemented. The living environment is safer and more comfortable. The building area is about 54-130m2. Beautiful homes, overseas people are preferred to rent.
       The R&F Huafu project stands in the bustling area south of the Embassy District of Phnom Penh City, at the southern end of Moniwang Avenue, at the intersection of Moniwang Avenue, Wangjiajun Avenue (271 Avenue) and Hun Sen Avenue. It is in the north of the international embassy district, the south is in the central residential area of ​​the city, and the east is the Baise River, a tributary of the Mekong River. The convenient and prosperous transportation hub brings the vitality of urban development. In the future, it will become an integrated community integrating transportation, commerce, education, medical care and entertainment. The business is prosperous and the life is convenient.
       The project is about 54-142m2. The whole project is equipped with R&F luxury and fine decoration. It is equipped with a brand of home appliances and a golden proportion space design. It reflects the architectural attitude of R&F and the constant pursuit of noble living quality in the details.
       R&F always advocates a quality life and life. As a superb high-quality residential building in the bustling area of ​​Phnom Penh, it not only provides residents with an unparalleled living experience, but also provides a distinguished living experience in life.
       The project has a 600m2 Yunding Club Sky Bar and Sky Pool. On the 57th floor, you can enjoy the scenery of the whole city and live a good life with the elite. The 2400m2 sky courtyard allows you to walk the clouds, 10000m2 modern garden, fitness center, steam room. .
       The running track creates a green and healthy life, and is equipped with 655m2 glory activity center, 1500m2 shopping center and other living facilities. China Qualified Property Management provides you with star-rated property management services.
When you contact me, please let me know, it is seen on the compass.
  • Lift
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Garden
  • Fire sprinkler
  • Alarm System
  • 24 Hours Security
  • Meeting Room
  • 24H Camera
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Generator
Layout details
All units(4)
1 Bed(1)
2 Bed(1)
3 Bed(2)
Comment (4)
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    房产交易税:过户时依公告现值4%,法定为买方支付; 房屋税:0.1%,每年9/30缴纳; 租赁所得税:若出租给公司报账则可要求外加租金10%税金。


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R&F City


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