Design Project Luxury Villa Borey Office Building


High-quality technology small residence, freehold property, surrounded by famous schools nearby.
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  • Condo
  • Delivery time 2021-07
  • Hard
  • Exquisite
Address: Cambodia Phnom Penh Sen Sok Intersection of Beiqiao Road and 2004 Road


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$16K-$25K OFF in special offer unit, leaseback for 10 years limited 2units.
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Building information
Basic information
  • Property rights:Hard
  • Property type: Condo
  • Decoration: Exquisite
  • Address: Cambodia Phnom Penh Sen Sok Intersection of Beiqiao Road and 2004 Road
  • Developer:Stone Group (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.
  • Delivery time: 2021-07
Development Features
  • Amenities
  • Prime location
  • High return yield
  • Leaseback
  • Brand developer
  • Lift
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Fire sprinkler
  • Alarm System
  • 24 Hours Security
  • 24H Camera
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Generator
Layout details
All units(5)
1 Bed(4)
2 Bed(1)

[Ratana Plaza Top Apartment, the favorite gathering area of Chinese! 】

The project is located in the prosperous area of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, next to the main road, North Bridge Road (Phnom Penh Second Ring Road). It is invested and developed by China Living Rock Group. The project is positioned as a high-quality technology small residence with freehold property rights to meet the living needs of young people. It is suitable for low threshold investment and rent The income is as high as 9%, which kills many financial projects in seconds. In Phnom Penh, the best choice for Chinese investment! image.png

The core of the city, only 3㎞ from Phnom Penh Airport! Close to the main road of the city, Beiqiao Road, a Chinese gathering area (Chinatown in Phnom Penh)


The famous school is at home! No one is the best school district in Phnom Penh! North Bridge International School (currently the number one international school in Phnom Penh, teaching English, cooperating with schools in Singapore, Canada, etc., it is very convenient to study abroad in the future), CIA International School is only 300 meters away from this project! Chinese people have always attached great importance to education. At present, the two favorite schools of Cambodian Chinese are currently very serious in traffic jams in Phnom Penh, there are many accompanying parents, and the demand for renting houses is very strong!


The area is truly loved by the Chinese! Nearby 500 meters, there is a large shopping mall Jinbao City (the old shopping center in Phnom Penh), the Royal Hospital of Phnom Penh, the University of Cambodia, the sports club, and the high-end 4S store concentration area on Russia Avenue.


Quality apartment, more tasteful! The 14-story modern style building will be the tallest building within 1.5 kilometers of the surrounding area after completion; the internationally renowned brand Mitsubishi large car elevator, private swimming pool, gymnasium; 200 square meters conference center, providing comprehensive and thoughtful service for the owners!


The standard public space of the star hotel is decorated with the standard of a star hotel, so you can always enjoy the star home!


Type Ⅱ

Select the apartment types, each one is meticulously crafted! The project is different from other apartments. The small apartment is designed with independent balcony, independent bathroom and independent enclosed kitchen. This is the only one in Phnom Penh! Only when you live in will you know how important the independent enclosed kitchen is to the Chinese!






Ⅱ Project policy Ⅱ You can enjoy a ten-year rent rebate policy for the purchase of 2-6 floors of the project, and directly sign a lease rebate agreement with the developer. The fixed annual rental rate of return is about 9%. Type A 45.16m2 Fixed rent 450$/month Type B 26.06 m2 fixed rent 350$/month C type 40.14m2 fixed rent 400$/month D type 32.24m2 fixed rent 370$/month E type 28.69m2 fixed rent 350$/month

Ⅱ Project progress Ⅱ (As of 2020.09.15) Delivery time: mid-2021


Ⅱ Project investment Ⅱ According to the urbanization law of global private ownership countries: At the end of urbanization, the population of the capital generally accounts for 30-40% of the country (or radiation area). Currently, there are 16 million people in Cambodia (including 900,000 Chinese and overseas Chinese, and about 300,000 foreigners). Most of the people are concentrated in the capital, Phnom Penh). At present, the capital of Phnom Penh is more than 2 million. It is estimated that the population of Phnom Penh will exceed 3 million in 2030! Strong demand for real estate!

The small apartment design of No.1 Mansion is the ultimate. The monthly rent of the 25 square hardcover small apartment is about 350 US dollars, and the annual rent can reach 4,200 US dollars. If 10 small apartments are invested in this project, the annual rental income is about 40,000 US dollars, and the low-end version can be realized. Financial freedom, rent can let you get poetry and distance! ! ! And the total price of 10 sets of small apartment is only the same as that of an ordinary house in China! Moreover, Phnom Penh is a freehold property, with USD assets, which can benefit both future generations!

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