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Baoli Mansion On sale Condo Shops

Phnom Penh Baoli Mansion City Center Complex project, with superior geographical location, is surrounded by a large number of politicians and businessmen.
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  • Condo / Shops
  • Delivery time 2020-12
  • Hard
  • Exquisite
Address: Cambodia Phnom Penh Prampi Makara 100 metres south of the Prime Minister's Office of Makara District, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia


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Property News (13)
Building information
Basic information
  • Project name:Baoli Mansion
  • Property rights:Hard
  • Property type: Condo/ Shops
  • Decoration: Exquisite
  • Address: Cambodia Phnom Penh Prampi Makara 100 metres south of the Prime Minister's Office of Makara District, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia
  • Developer:Poly Real Estate
  • Opening time:2018-12
  • Delivery time: 2020-12
Development Features
  • Fast appreciation
  • Amenities
  • High return yield
  • Brand developer
  • Prime location
  • Lift
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Garden
  • Fire sprinkler
  • Alarm System
  • 24 Hours Security
  • Meeting Room
  • 24H Camera
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
Layout details
All units(6)
1 Bed(4)
2 Bed(1)
3 Bed(1)

【Project Description】

The Boly Mansion project covers a total area of 7,500 square meters, devide into 3 phase of develope construction, a high-end integrated residential, office and commercial format. The total building area is about 160,000  sqBuare meters.


The first phase is a four-star hotel and high-end apartments, the second phase is a high-end commercial office building with a total surface of 90,000sqm; the third phase is an urban shopping complex with a total surface of 30,000sqm.




The total construction of the first phase of the apartment is about 40,000spm; it will open in May 2018 and is expected to be completed by the end of May 2020.


There are 644 apartments, 240 car parking spaces and 540 motorcycle spaces. A total of 30 floors, 28 floors above ground and 2 floors underground.


The first floor is 6 meter high, which are shops and supporting floors; the second to fifth floors are 5.4 metter high, of which the second and third floors are parking lots, the fourth and fifth floors are commercial and supporting floors; the sixth to 28th floors (apartment Floor) are 3.2meter high; basement is 3.3 meter high.




The second phase of Boly Mansion will build a top private clubhouse, infinity swimming pool, sky bar, sky running track, fitness center, conference hall, banquet room, coffee shop, large shopping mall, 24-hour convenience store, spa health club, and international food restaurants . A real benchmark for luxury homes.





【Project Location】


The project is located in the 7makara district of Phnom Penh, located in the entire Cambodia’s political center-the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of National Defense. This cloud meeting is the absolute core of Cambodian politics.




The project is a long the Russian road where the project is located from east to west, and the Moniwan road runs from north to south. It is a fortress leading to various districts. There are also, Monineath Road, Sihanouk Road, etc., which gather the most important political roads in the urban area of Phnom Penh.




There are Central Market and Orassey Market in the vicinity of the project. The Central Market is a must-visit place for foreign tourists, and Orassey Market is the local "Orassey Commodity City". As a distribution center for local wholesale, retail, and regular shopping, merchants are in an endless stream.



【Surounding Area】


The top political and business departments of the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of Industry, Vatanak Bank, Canadia Bank, and Bank of China, which are gathered within a radius of 2 kilometers. A collection of prestigious schools: within a radius of 2 km



【Adventage of the Project】


Excellent location: Daun penh District, Phnom Penh. The Cambodian Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of National Defense are home to Cambodia's national political, financial, and commercial center, as well as a popular tourist destination in the world.


Type advantage: large space and large layout, the housing rate of 76% far exceeds the surrounding high-rise standards. Fully decorated and comfortable space, freehold property, suitable for rent and sale.


highly return: The supply of new housing in this area is extremely scarce, far from meeting the market's rental demand. The rent for one room in the surrounding new houses is generally around US$900-1100, and the rent for two rooms is generally around US$1,500.




【Sale infomation】


The project is currently on sale in Zone A, the apartment types are: 45㎡~57㎡ one bedroom; 105㎡ two bedrooms; the price is 3200$/㎡.


Hotel category: (6-12 floors) 10 years charter, the first 5 years of rent back 8,000 US dollars per year, after 5 years, the developer will provide repurchase services at 120% of the purchase price. If you continue to charter for 5 years, 70% of the hotel’s operating profit will be shared.


2% off for mortgage payment and rent back in the first year can directly deduct the house price.





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Q&A (2)
  • 购房顾问

    项目目前在售A区,户型有:45㎡~57㎡一房;105㎡两房;均价2300-2800 $/㎡。


  • 购房顾问

    分期付款1:合同签定,缴纳30%房款。工程达到10层,缴纳30%房款。工程结顶,缴纳30%房款。交房时,缴纳10%房款。 分期付款2:合同签定,缴纳30%房款;剩下平均每月支付3%房款,交房时付清全部尾款。


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Baoli Mansion


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