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Xingshawan Bay On sale Condo

Starsha Bay Mansion is dominated by modern fashion style. The building adopts three-stage modern classic design. The roof will be built into a skyline swimming pool. Starsha Bay Mansion integrates the facade of the building with the overall image of the city, and becomes a CBD landmark building in Sihanoukvile. It always feels the prosperous and quiet life of the city and the coastal vacation.
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$1,900 /m²
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Rental value/yr
Price growth
Down payment
Investment cycle:8 year,9th years earns $10,218
  • Condo
  • Delivery time 2020-09
  • Hard
  • Exquisite
Address: Cambodia Sihanoukville StuengHav Ou Chheuteal Beach


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Property News (4)
Building information
Basic information
  • Building name:Xingshawan Bay
  • Property rights:Hard
  • Property type: Condo
  • Decoration: Exquisite
  • Address: Cambodia Sihanoukville StuengHav Ou Chheuteal Beach
  • Developer:Xingshawan Development Co., Ltd.
  • Delivery time: 2020-09
Development Features
  • Seascape
  • Fast appreciation
  • Amenities
  • High return yield
Introduction of development
Star Sha Wan Mansion is adjacent to Ou Chheuteal Beach, which is located in the city center of Xigang. It is the most prosperous beach in the five beaches of Sihanoukvile. It has a strong commercial , such as banana boat, motorboat, parachute sport, swing, BBQ, SPA and so on. There are many reclining chairs, wooden tables and umbrellas beside the beach. Tourists can swim in the sea or sit comfortably on the reclining chair for the day. Sunbathing and daze, the vast ocean and coastal beach beauty, become the priceless treasure bestowed by nature to the West Harbor.
Star Sha Wan Mansion is situated in the middle of the city, living in a hydrophilic coastal area. Star Sha Wan Mansion uses green to construct life, hardcover LOFT floor and coastal vacation residence.
When you contact me, please let me know, it is seen on the compass.
  • Lift
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Fire sprinkler
  • Alarm System
  • 24 Hours Security
  • 24H Camera
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Generator
Layout details
All units(4)
1 Bed(4)
  • 1 Bedrooms | 36.00m² |On sale |Condo
    $68,400 Unit Price:$1,900 /m²
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    30% Payment

    (Down payment)



    70% Payment

    (Pay in installments within 2 years)



    4.00% Transaction tax




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    Value-added income



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    Annual income



    Annual Expenditure

    Common charge



    Rent income tax



    Property tax



  • 1 Bedrooms | 41.00m² |On sale |Condo
    $77,900 Unit Price:$1,900 /m²
    Check total return
  • 1 Bedrooms | 50.42m² |On sale |Condo
    $95,798 Unit Price:$1,900 /m²
    Check total return
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Xingshawan Bay


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