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Self-made Woman Agency Entrepreneurship


    Mary Kann, the CEO of Mary Realty Co.,Ltd, a post-90s Cambodian woman who started her business with 600 US dollars, she has no background and no connections, but her consistent persistence and perseverance. From her experience, we can learn that everything is possible, and all efforts are lead to success.    


CEO of Mary Realty Co.,Ltd.-Mary Kann

Success comes from accumulated experience

    Mary, a young girl born in Battambang Province, she has not been wealthy since she was young, but she loves learning very much. In the year she graduated from high school, in order to undertake the family's economy burden, she had to leave her home alone and go to Phnom Penh to start her part-time work experience. 

    Mary is modest and studious. She said: "The reason for her efforts is she starts from nothing. She is uneasy about the ordinary life, she is unwilling to accomplish nothing in her life. Without any support, and she can only figure out her own way."  She has worked in countless jobs, including lawyer secretaries, embassy interpreters, etc. She met many foreigners and businessmen, faced difficulties and obstacles, she never compromise. Thanks to these valuable work experience, she has made a solid foundation for the establishment of "Mary Realty Company".

    In 2006, Mary established Mary Realty Company with a meager fund of $600, which was her first step into the Cambodian real estate industry. In that time, Mary had to do everything on her own, she lived a hard and busy life,  she was not familiar with the real estate industry, and did not know the market well. She worked at least 12 hours a day, which made her think about giving up several times, however, Mary told herself repeatedly that as long as there are 1% possibility, she must fight bravely. Perseverance always pays off. Mary Realty Company, which was established only one year, due to the company's high-quality service attitude, the company has been on track and have good reputation among real estate insiders. 


Mary Kann and Compass Team

Credibility first

    The longer you work in real estate industry, the more eager you want to learn and the more humble you will be. "Why do customers choose us willingly? Because our service is impeccable, as agents we need to master enough professional knowledge." Mary said that she still needs to learn a lot, professional knowledge, sales skills, this It is also the quality of being a store manager.

    In addition, Mary said: "When I established Mary Realty Company, my goal was to create an honest, professional and independent company that can meet the most stringent requirements of customer’s real estate needs, a company which built on integrity energy and motivation." Honesty is the foundation of Mary Realty Company. Honesty has also enabled her get more customers.

Follow the change and cooperate together

    At the meanwhile, Mary realize that in the new era, working alone is not a good option, especially in COVID-19 situation. Due to COVID-19, real estate market is quiet, if we want to survive in the harsh time, we will choose cooperate with powerful platform,united together to facing the threat. Mary Realty Company cooperate with Compass Real Estate to get online customer source and more brand exposure. Compass Real Estate provide operation service and technology support, integrity source for depth cooperation, to obtain more online customers and improve service level.

    Persistence, cooperation, professionalism, integrity, in many cases, as long as more perseverance, you will succeed. Due to the industrious effects,  you are destined to be successful. Don't give up easily. We believe In the future real estate industry, Mary Realty will go further.

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