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The OCIC was established in 2000. Our core business, expertise and mission lies in construction, real estate development and property management. In addition, we have extensive professional experience in the construction of multi-purpose commercial buildings, apartments, residential areas, suites, terrace houses, satellite cities, shopping malls and public infrastructure. Major real estate projects worth billions of dollars, For example, Chroy Chong Var Satellite City, Diamond Island City, Olympia City, Folk Culture Village (Siem Reap Province), Rose Garden, Canadia Tower, Canadia Industrial Park, Bassac Garden City, Olympia Shopping Mall, Sorya supermarket,Ratanak Plaza Mall and many other large-scale projects are invested and developed by OCIC and its affiliated companies. This is a testament to the strength of OCIC's assets and our significant contribution as one of the best investment firms in the region. In addition to profit-driven private projects, OCIC invests its assets in infrastructure and public facilities to improve the lives of millions of Cambodians. The OCIC is ambitious and determined to continue to exert our significant influence in the country and to be more enthusiastic about investing in the country.


We continue to explore and develop and make breakthroughs in various fields, as well as contribute to Cambodia's economy and create a better life for the Cambodian people.


In every business we do, we become the leading and most trusted company in Cambodia.


Trust, respect, innovation, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, integrity

Our Projects

Diamond Bay Garden

Diamond Bay Garden is a mixed-used development that offers a private enclave of luxury contemporary residences where panoramic views over the three rivers—Mekong, Tonle Sap, and Bassac, as well as the views of Phnom Penh define a style of waterfront living that embraces both elegance and natural beauty. The striking three towers of glass, stone and stainless-steel stand on Diamond Island boasting 39 floors each that will surely deliver an exciting concept in downtown exquisite living which includes world-class development, modern technology, rich finishes, and an urban connection that takes both city and coastal living to their ultimate expressions.


Elite Town III

Elite Town III is a commercial and residential building covers a land area of ​​29,246m2 which is unearthed in the satellite city of Koh Pich, along Koh Pich Main Road It is a potential area near Aeon Mall 1, Korean Embassy, ​​CIS (International School), Orchid Hospital, Coconut Park, Naga Hotel & Casino, Canadia Bank Plc., etc. Shop House Elite Town III is a Western-style architecture designed as a 5.5-stories mid-rise, with private underground parking and elevator. Each floor is spaciously uncomplicated for business and stay, Presently, sales has reached the third phase and a total of 209 units. Shop House Elite Town III is the most potential location for both business and living.


The Elysée

The Elysée Commercial Building covers a land area of ​​75,800 square meters, located in the satellite city of Koh Pich, along the Bassac River and Koh Pich Street. It is a potential area near Aeon Mall 1, Korean Embassy, ​​International School of Canada (CIS), Orchid Hospital, Naga Hotel & Casino, Canadia Bank Plc. etc. This magnificently commercial building is modeled on the Champs Elysées in Paris, in where there are cafes, shops and hotels. Each unit is spaciously easy to set up, with a width of 8 meters and a height of 8 floors, with a private elevator in the building. Moreover, in the whole project, there is a three-story underground car parking. The entire building is assembled in 4 rows: the first row facing Koh Pich Street (street size 18 meters) is a convenient location for doing business, companies and offices, etc. The second and third rows facing each other (street size 14 meters) is an easy location to create an event and is planned to launch a night market connected to the basement. The fourth row features a building facing the Bassac River (street size 10 meters) and the jogging street (10 m wide). Presently, sales have reached the final sixth phase total of 229 buildings (from the fourth to the sixth stage a total of 119 buildings) and we have already sold out the first to third phase a total of 110 so far. There are two hotels and the 12-storey THE ARC DE TRIOMPHE (Vimean Chey) is the centerpiece of the entire project with a 360-degree view of Koh Pich. We bring you this high-quality French style commercial building to your best business locations.


Two Rivers Residences

Two Rivers Residences the Total development land is around 4 hectares. Located in the satellite city of Koh Pich, along the Bassac River and Koh Pich Street. It is a potential area near Aeon Mall 1, Korean Embassy, ​​International School of Canada (CIS), Orchid Hospital, Naga Hotel & Casino, Canadia Bank Plc. etc., and selling in 2 phases. There are 19 units for phase 1, and 33 units for phase 2. The special feature of this Project is that the buyer is able to build his own house preferred style of villa and to enjoy the fascinating views of the two rivers, and experience high-end, comfortable riverside lifestyle.




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