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Urban Village Phnom Penh: the popular project in Phnom Penh. What is the advantages of this project?

Summary:When we talking about Urban Village Phnom Penh, it is not strange for real estate insider. The black horse of new development sales market. Factory is popular in Phnom Penh as the sharing space.


Today we will analyse Urban Village Phnom Penh of the location and facility and project itself.



Urban Village is located in Meanchey district, the sub CBD. With the acceleration of Phnom Penh’s urbanization, land in the four core areas is becoming more and more scarce. The Meanchey District and Sensok District, which are close to the central area, have come into the public eye gradually. Now the government's various benefits are also tilting to the surrounding areas, new infrastructure construction is in full swing, large-scale businesses are moving closer to the surrounding areas (such as Aeon), and the wealthy class are migrating to the outskirt. With the continuous expansion of the city, the core area of Phnom Penh will move out of the four traditional areas eventually. The Meanchey and Sensok areas, which are close to the four areas, are bound to become new battlefields.

The development of real estate usually keep pace of urbanization, sub core area is the major market of property investment in recent years. More and more project are located in this area. Thus, Urban Village’s location still  promising.

In terms of road sections, the Urban Village Phnom Penh has achieved a balance between Hun Sen Avenue and National Highway No. 2 (the southern end of Norodom Avenue). Without traffic jams, it takes only ten or twenty minutes to drive to the center of Phnom Penh, which is considered to be the closest emerging area to core area.



Urban Vilage Phnom Penh is adjacent to ING New City in the south of the city and connected to the old city. The project facilities are complete basically. It can reach the core business district of Phnom Penh within 20 minutes by car, and life is convenient. The area where the project is located is an emerging urban central residential area, connected to the embassy area to the north, adjacent to the embassies of 31 countries including China and Malaysia, and to the northeast is the Tonle Bassac and Diamond Island. The project is about 1 km away from the BKK district of Phnom Penh Entertainment Shopping Center, and about 3 km away from AEON 1. The third phase of AEON is planned to open on Hun Sen Avenue, about 5 minutes' drive from the project. One kilometer south of the project is building a diamond commercial plaza, which is expected to open in 2021, and a new commercial complex, Chip Mong Land, will be built on the opposite side of the project.

Urban Village Phnom Penh is located between Hun Sen Avenue and Norodom Highway 2. It is the only project in Phnom Penh that spans two avenues. It is convenient to drive and is about 10 kilometers from Phnom Penh New International Airport.

In terms of schools, the project is close to the best international schools in Phnom Penh, ISPP, IIC University of Technology, Royal University of Law and Economics, and has a strong academic atmosphere.

On the whole, although the area is a new area, the basic facilities are relatively complete, and there are many large-scale facilities under construction, which has great potential in the future.


Brand introduction

Urban Village Phnom Penh is a project built by Urban Living Solutions and Jinkeng Group jointly, the most largest project in Cambodia of Hong Kong company.

Jinkeng Group was established in 1992 and is headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in China, Cambodia and Spain. The multinational group has diversified businesses, covering various industries such as clothing, real estate, insurance, finance, packaging, printing, agriculture and forestry, and property management. It is also one of the five largest sweater manufacturers in the world. Its factory is Cambodia's largest, with more than 30,000 employees.

Due to its long-term roots in Cambodia, the group has an in-depth and extensive understanding of the local market, laying the foundation for the development of real estate projects.Jinkeng Group is a major investor in the Capital International Financial Project, which is also the company's third project in Phnom Penh. By cooperating with Urban Living Solutions, Jinkeng Group hopes to build affordable and more belonging apartments for the common people. The price of the Urban Village Phnom Penh is very suitable for the needs of the locals.


Project overview

Urban Village Phnom Penh project covers an area of 7.6 hectares, and divide into 3 phases. The most largest international complex in Phnom Penh with 45% greening rate. Freehold property, property management service fee  from $0.5-$1.2 per square meter.

Project phase first are sold out already, four buildings of 23-storey apartment, 828 units totally. Project phase second are available now. Building E design as 17 units per floor and 4 elevators. Building F design as 11 units and 4 elevators. Building G design as 13 units and 4 elevators. Studio, one bedroom apartment, two bedroom apartment, 3 bedrooms apartment, and loft different floor type to meet buyer’s demand. 31-107 square meters for apartment, 62-74 square meters for loft.

 Main floor type

Urban Village Phnom Penh apartment types are popular. There are suites and one-bedroom apartments suitable for investment, with a total price of 30-50 square meters. The total price is affordable. There are two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments suitable for self-living, including loft and apartments. Today we recommend 2 large apartment types.

Unit B3: The building area is about 70 square meters, with two square bedrooms, double balcony design, good lighting, suitable for small families.


Unit C2: The building area is about 53 square meters, one-bedroom apartment, small in size, enlarged bay windows design, good lighting, which is suitable for rent out or living.


 Show room





 Project facility

Urban Village Phnom Penh is the largest development project of a Hong Kong enterprise in Cambodia and the first community residential project in Cambodia. The project covers more than 4,000 square meters of green space, and the environment is very livable. The community is large, with community leisure trails, outdoor swimming pools, and more than 3,000 square meters of shops. Even if you don’t go to the supermarket, your daily needs can be met mostly.

Family community functions include school (Montessori school), Cambodia's first trampoline park, skate park, cafe, restaurant, furniture and supermarket, German craft beer museum, bar, gym, football field, library, game room, etc. , You can enjoy a convenient life without leaving the community.


Urban Village Phnom Penh is not only a simple living community, the highlight of the project is the largest international entrepreneurial art park in Southeast Asia. Factory-shared Creative Space is Cambodia’s premier innovation hub, covering an area of over 30,000 square meters. It integrates catering, parent-child entertainment, children’s education, creation, and office. It is a creative concept park and a creative open space, including shared work spaces, Office buildings and various theme creation areas. The park adopts the style of literature and art, the graffiti is bright and bold, the design is complicated, and the style is exquisite, the local cultural elements of Cambodia are delicately integrated, and the literature and art without losing a modern sense.

Phnom Penh investment depend on yield, compare with apartment, Urban Village Phnom Penh are exceed in macro planning.


Project price and demand buyer

Urban Village Phnom Penh has different floor type, focus on rigid demand buyers, without villa and oversize apartment, simple units are suitable for living for Cambodian.

Urban Village Phnom Penh’s price from $1700-$2200, which is affordable for local people. 70% of Urban Village Phnom Penh first phase are purchased by local people. In Cambodia new project market, the performance of Urban Village Phnom Penh ranks outstanding level, the eye catching facility of this project makes the Urban Village Phnom Penh’s popularity. The whole performance of Urban Village Phnom Penh also remarkable.

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