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CEO KT Pacific- new landmark, high land, high return yield

Summary:We will introduce project location, facility, floor type, return yield aspects to interpret CEO KT Pacific.

In Southeast, Cambodia are famous for high return yield rate and remarkable real estate increase, take Phnom Penh for example, average housing price of Phnom Penh increase had achieved 15%.

Usually property buyers in Cambodia are out of investment purpose. Normal investors are considering other factors like the housing is easy to rent out or not? Or it is easy to sell or not?

Location, price, facility, return are the key factors to judge a project. CEO KT Pacific are the first business residence landmark in Phnom Penh, leaseback 10 years with 8% rent return rate. Core location, well equipped facility,5 stars hotel all the elements are attracting investors from the world.

Now we will interpret CEO KT Pacific from location, facility, main floor type, return yield aspects.

Good location decide the value of property. CEO KT Pacific located in the core area of Phnom Penh-7Makara district, 7 Makara is the smallest district of 12 districts in Phnom Penh, but it is the most mature district.

In 7 Makara district, business are thriving, with a large number of traffic, Cambodian lives most comfortable life in 7Makara.

7 Makara District has a prosperous political and commercial economy and a strong cultural atmosphere. Landmarks such as the Olympic Stadium, Prime Minister's Office, Gendarmerie Headquarters, Ministry of National Defense, Orussey traditional Market, and Phnom Penh International School are all located here.

CEO KT Pacific close to Ministry of National Defense, Gendarmerie Headquarters, Prime Minister’s office in the north, security are guaranteed. The project are close to Olympic, The National Olympic Stadium in the south.


Sand table.jpg

A 15-minute drive east of the project can reach famous attractions such as the Central Market and National Museum. The Central Market is the largest and most prosperous market in the Cambodian capital. The market has a wide variety of goods, including agricultural products, handicrafts, exquisite clothing, gold and silver jewelry, and special food. It brings together businessmen and tourists from all over the world.

The project is located in the core location, with complete surrounding facilities, convenient transportation.

CEO KT Pacific is composed of hotel-style apartments, luxury decorated residences and office buildings, covering an area of 6,685 square meters and a building area of 95,000 square meters.

The project consists of two buildings, A and B, with a total of 1156 units. There are 196 offices, 482 hotels suits, and 478 residences units. At present, the main selling point is Building A, which has 33 floors, 128 meters high, 1-15 floors for office buildings, 15-32 floors Wyndham Serviced Apartments, with a unit area of 46-71 square meters, a total of 482 units, with fine decoration furniture and home appliances are expected to be delivered in December 2021.

project facility.jpg

It is worth mentioning that the CEO KT Pacific has a 6000㎡ public facility space plan, covering international conferences, business receptions, leisure and social networking, GF reception hall and business center floors, with coffee art gallery, wine and cigar house, art room, Banquet hall, business center, international conference center, etc. The 33rd floor on the top floor has an infinity pool, sky bar, saloon, western-style banquet hall, children’s play area, SPA pavilion, gymnasium, and air track, which can meet various business demand and the needs of international urban living. The high-end facility is design for International business people in Phnom Penh.

At the same time, the project has 30meters square at G floor, so exhibition and business activity could be hold in G floors. G floor usually could attract traffic, traffic are the key factors for business.


show room.jpg

CEO KT Pacific A building for sell,building area 46.60㎡-54.82㎡, 54.51㎡, 58.04㎡-70.9㎡. In spite of area is not so spacious but layout is reasonable. Bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom all in the project, which can meet the basic demand, luxury decoration, move in condition. Nice choice for investment and living.

A1Floor type(Building area 66.51㎡)



A2 Floor type(Building area 58.04㎡-70.9㎡)



A3Floor type(Building area 46.60㎡-54.82㎡)


There is the floor type A3, A3 floor type with good lightening, reasonable layout, dry-wet area are separated, comfortable living experience.

With the development of economic globalization and integration, Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, is at a stage of the number of international tourists is increasing greatly. Cambodia planning to attract 15 million international tourists by 2030, and Cambodia will need an additional 100,000 hotel rooms by 2028. Hotels in Phnom Penh are in a golden decade of dividends, and world-renowned luxury five-star hotels are vying to settle in the capital, Phnom Penh.

Real efforts.jpg

In 2019, the CEO KT Pacific and Wyndham Hotel Group reached a cooperation to turn the 15th to 32nd floors of Building A into a Wyndham five-star hotel. It is the fourth new luxury five-star hotel to settle in the capital Phnom Penh after Rosewood, Hilton Hotel and Shangri Hotel.

sign ceremary.jpg

Building A of the project is managed and operated by Wyndham Hotel, with an annual return of 8% and a lease for 10 years (fixed return of $18.7/㎡ in the first five years, and dividends based on the five-star Wyndham Hotel financial report in the next five years). Compared with the market in Phnom Penh. The annual return on investment is generally below 7%, and the serviced apartments with a leaseback period of only about 2 years have obvious advantages. In addition, the project is fully entrusted, no matter housing maintenance, leaseback, house sale or mortgage loan, it can be entrusted throughout the entire process. Worry free to be a house owner.

Wyndham Hotel Group is currently the world's largest and most diversified hotel group. It currently operates 21 brands in 78 countries and owns more than 8,000 hotels.


For other hotel-style apartments, the capital chain of five-star hotels is relatively stable, and investors are generally well-established enterprises and individuals. The CEO KT Pacific and Wyndham Hotel belong to the international cooperation carried out by local companies. They have a high reputation in Phnom Penh, with high brand premiums and sustainable growth in operating efficiency.

High-yield, high-return products is not the only factor we consider for overseas investment, but also consider risks and the level of safety. If we choose real estate as an ideal investment product, CEO KT Pacific may be a good choice.

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