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The New Version of Compass App Has Been Launched! Non-Stop Preferential Subsidies Released

Summary:The new version of Compass app has been launched, giving you more simple and generous visual style, more high-quality platform and exclusive houses.

Dear Compass users,

Thank you very much for your trust and recognition all this time. As a big platform for Cambodian real estate, Compass always adheres to the principle of user first, and is committed to providing users with more intimate housing experience!

Based on this, the new version of Compass App was launched on April 1st, which will not only give you a more simple and generous visual style, but also provide you with more high-quality platform and exclusive houses. Compass finds real houses, gathers real houses information such as buying houses, renting houses, real estate and land, and updates new houses every day. Moreover, all houses are real houses strictly selected and certified by the platform, and users can choose them with ease.


New compass house app interface


At present, the pandemic situation is still severe. Home, Internet and online have become the main ways of people's work and life, as well as house selection. Compass has launched the functions of "VR viewing" and "video viewing", which can restore the real scene of the house through panoramic roaming, and at the same time bring the video explanation of the real estate consultant, so as to bring users a new experience of watching the house online without leaving home.

For those who are new to Cambodia and are not familiar with Cambodia, you can release your demand for finding a house with one click through the help me find a house function, and the platform will arrange professional brokers to match the satisfactory house supply for you.

Similarly, if you have real estate in Cambodia that needs to be rented or sold, you can also entrust it online with one click and provide the whole process service of professional brokers to solve all the problems of selling real estate in one stop.


Compass app [VR house viewing] project

Update/Download the 2021 Compass app to make it easier to find a house in Cambodia!

You will get:

1. A large number of real houses

2. New experience of VR and video

3. Big data accurate matching

4. One stop entrusted service

5. Professional intermediary services

In addition, Compass will help you during the pandemic in 2021 with more subsidies, from time to time, such as special offer houses, rental subsidies, red envelopes for house purchase, etc. Investors and home buyers in Cambodia will be introduced to provide exclusive concessions.


Download app by scanning code and get rent subsidy free of charge


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