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A new pattern of riverside commercial in Phnom Penh is gradually taking shape, and Koh Pich's "strategic fulcrum" status is highlighted!

Summary:At present, riverside commercial is ushering in new opportunities for development, a new commercial line is being formed at an accelerated pace. As an important part of the riverside commercial center in Phnom Penh, Koh Pich has a prominent strategic position!

Canary Wharf in England, Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong, Clarke Quay in Singapore... These waterfront commercial developments are in a class of their own, not only witnessing the city's past, but also opening up the city's future.

Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, also has rich riverside resources of the Mekong, Tonle Sap and Bassac River. The Phnom Penh Night Market, Royal Palace, Koh Pich, etc. are all well-known riverside visit places and important support for the development of riverside commercial in Phnom Penh.

At present, riverside commercial is ushering in new opportunities for development, a new commercial line is being formed at an accelerated pace. As an important part of the riverside commercial center in Phnom Penh, Koh Pich has a prominent strategic position!DJI_0252.jpg

Phnom Penh Riverside Commercial center is being expanded

The value of Koh Pich has increased to another level !

As a traditional riverside commercial gathering place in Phnom Penh, the street along the Royal Palace in the south of Chaktomuk River has become the most prosperous and lively area due to multiple factors such as landmarks + tourism + night markets + bar streets + event.

Moving south from the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, we’ll see the core area of Chaktomuk. The riverside commercial here is composed of Koh Pich Satellite City, AEON 1, Naga, Golden Street the Chinatown, and a large number city's top resource.

Geographically, the area along the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh is closely connected with the Koh Pich area, which increased the coverage of riverside businesses.

Meanwhile, two methods of strengthening the original riverside commercial and connecting with the new riverside commercial are greatly promoted to accelerate the expansion of the riverside commercial area .


In terms of enhancing the commercial strength of the area along the Royal Palace, there are 3 good news coming up: the underground shopping mall project of EDC Juta, located close to the Phnom Penh Night Market is under construction (the construction started in early July); Sokha Plaza, located near the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh is expected to open within this year; According to HE Khuong Sreng, Governor of Phnom Penh, the Government is considering to establish a “weekend walking tourist area” from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications to the Hotel Cambodiana, which will allow people to travel and shopping by the river.

In terms of extending the riverside commercial line, the Koh Norea Parkway is promising, as a part of Koh Norea Satellite City, developed by OCIC, it has a total length of 4km and covers more than 20 different scales of retail stores. At present, construction the retail store and landscape project in Koh Norea Parkway has been completed, and the bridge connecting Koh Pich Satellite City and Koh Norea Satellite City is expected to be completed in November this year. By then, the two satellite cities will be more closely connected, and Koh Norea Parkway will also be connected with the Koh Pich’s Elysee commercial cluster.

Based on the above, we will see that, a new riverside commercial line nearly 10 kilometer will be formed in the near future, from  Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications - Phnom Penh Night Market (the upcoming EDC Juta shopping mall) - Phnom Penh Royal Palace - the Hotel Cambodiana – Koh Pich (AEON 1, Naga, Golden Street the Chinatown) - Koh Norea, and the retail business along this line will be greatly developed.

Among them, Koh Pich is extremely valuable, and the embodiment of its value is not only located at the prime area and serving as a connecting link of riverside commercial, but more importantly, the development of the riverside commercial center on the Elysee is very distinctive and irreplaceable!

Taking advantage of the riverfront

Strengthen landscape features to attract customers

Under the effect of fast-paced life, people nowadays prefer consumption places with beautiful natural scenery, and look forward to releasing their emotions while spending money. Therefore, the open riverside commercial is undoubtedly a best choice.

Koh Pich is located at the core area of Chaktomuk River, and The The Elysée is located at the southern end of Koh Pich, it is a large-scale commercial project, covering an area of more than 75,000 square meters. In terms of architectural design, it takes the inspiration from Paris’s Champs Elysées avenue, and replicating the Arc de Triomphe and the Seine River Commercial Pedestrian Street on the banks of the Baise River in Phnom Penh to create a Phnom Penh landmark, and has become a famous gathering place for young people.

In addition, The Elysée riverwalk along the river bank has become an ideal place for people to stroll leisurely and enjoy the scenery, as well as an open riverfront dining space.


Upgrade the riverside commercial complex

Provide rich experience activities

As consumer demands become more diversified, in order to meet these strong demands, The Elysée commercial cluster on Koh Pich has developed a rich and diverse business environment.

The Elysée is an 8-story commercial building project with a width of 8 meters and a height of 6 meters on the ground floor. It is very suitable for businesses such as boutique hotels, cafes, high-end specialty stores, Western restaurants, etc., and bringing high-quality business experience. On the river walk street of The Elysée , the lifestyle is created by placing facilities outside, the commercial is mainly catering, leisure and entertainment, focusing on shopping experience, and formed a riverside market with unique local characteristics. In front of its iconic replica Arc De Triomphe, there are a variety of activities are often organized, including concerts, Khmer New Year events, topical performances, etc.

In addition, the surrounding Coconut Park, Treellion Park, and DIB Club have created more new consumption scenes such as food, cultural creativity, bars, music, drama, pets, and camping, extending a unique commercial cluster of the Koh Pich Elysée. 

Koh Pich parks (3).png

Night economy becomes mainstream

Creating a "barometer"

The "night-time economy" is a "barometer" that highlights the beautiful life of the city, with the development of diverse consumer demands, riverside commercial projects have become a new carrier of the night economy.

When night falls, the night markets, bars, and restaurants along the The Elysée Riverwalk become the busiest shopping places with dazzling colorful lights, gathering tourists from different countries and local residents. Here you can enjoy music, food, bars, and the beautiful sceneryof riverside... Therefore, a comfortable riverside lifestyle is presented in this excellent place, inspiring a new experience of Phnom Penh’s night economy.376274981_258765183743081_5496819250213493534_n.jpg

“A city's commerce prosper because of rivers.”

We believe that with the successful expansion of riverside commercial area, Phnom Penh’s commercial property will usher in a new and prosperous situation. Koh Pich Elysée commercial Cluster will also generate higher investment value by virtue of its "strategic fulcrum" status!

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