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Toul Kork has a potential for condo market

Summary:A potential sub-district in the four municipalities of Toul Kork has been investing in more co-land and condo facilities as markets in the area begin to grow year after year.

Director of International Real Estate Khorn kong kea said that on Saturday afternoon, Tuol Kork had plans to develop a large number of condo units in the area, which was the main factor in the construction. The region has more potential for investment, especially in the area, it has grown to major communities such as the Phnom Penh Center and One Park project. Beginning to develop in this area.

    "Nowday Cambodians are less interested in condo , but for foreigners, they are very interested in this area, but in the future, Cambodians will also have Interested in this section too. " "Living in a condo a good place to live with comfortable is both a place to eat food, a children's recreation center and a playground on the ground, like swimming pools," he said.

    Kong Kea said when there are more condominium and commercial centers in Tuol Kork would make more people to come and do more business in the area. And the land will also can be get be more expensive than nowday .

Mr. Chrik Soknim, president of the Association of Valuers and Real Estate Agents of Cambodia, said that the condo market in Tuol Kork is not to be  more popular  to live in condo as in some areas in Phnom Penh because Khmer people they are  not feel like to  live in condo yet in nowday . but in the next 5 to 7 years, more Khmer people will be living in condominiums a lot more than nowday  . And the market in this region will grow even stronger.

"As you can see, there are now about 20 condominium projects being built in this area, and condo prices in square meters is between $ 1800 to $ 3,000 per square meter," he said.

Mrs Aun Sitha, a director of a real estate company, said the Toul Kork area is a potential and growing area over the last two years, and this area is not far from central Phnom Penh, including infrastructure. Well, the price of the land is still affordable and interesting for investors, "she said. Developing on the condo as soon as this area will grow in this sector, which can compete with other areas. "

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