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Where is the most invest-worthy land?

Summary:If investors want to invest in Cambodia real estate or land fixed assets, the land market must be known in advance.

As the so-called land price determines housing prices, with the continuous development of the Cambodia economy and the rapid expansion of the real estate market, land becoming more and more popular. The land price has been rising all the way, which has further increased housing prices. If buyers want to invest in Cambodian real estate or land fixed assets, buyers need to investigate the land real estate information first.

Compass platform integrates details of land resources for sale in various provinces and cities for investors' reference.



In terms of land prices, the land prices in the four core areas of Phnom Penh are the most expensive, with an average price of around US$5,000 per square meter.

Prampi Makara District located in the center of Phnom Penh, with a small area and few develop-able land resources. Investing in the land in Prampi Makara requires a certain amount of economic strength, or choosing a plot with a relatively small area.



Chamkarmon District is the largest administrative area in the core urban area, and the land price range is various. BKK1 and other popular areas have more than 10,000 US dollars of land. The Tonle Bassac River sub-region is also a popular investment, with higher land prices and low-cost areas, the average price is 2000-3000 US dollars. On the whole, Chamkarmon District has a lot of land resources and a large price range.


Daun Penh District is an area with prosperous business. The average land price is less than 5000US dollars, there are few cheap land, and there are large-size land for sale.


The Toul Kork District is a new districts, the choice of a great number of emerging wealthy. The develop-able land is relatively more. The price is the cheapest among the four core urban areas. Both large and small size plots are available, and there are many large size plots which is suitable for investment in building factories or real estate development. The core location of the Toul Kork District is livable, the land supply is sufficient, and the development of new project is popular relatively.


The average land price in Phnom Penh's sub-core areas is around US$1,000, such as Meanchey District, Sen Sok District, and Chroy Chongva District. Among them, Sen Sok District, as a new Phnom Penh potential commercial district, has a lot of development efforts, more plots for sale, and good cost performance.


All suburbs in Phnom Penh have land for sale. The price is cheap and the land area is large. It is suitable for long-term investment or construction of factory warehouses.


Investment in Sihanoukville also remain popular, and high-priced land is mainly concentrated in various districts of Sihanoukville. Land sales are also mainly in the business district around the city center. There is not a lot of land with a unit price of more than US$5,000, but there are also many low-cost land and a large area. , Which lowered the overall average price. Areas such as Prey Nob and Stueng Hav are very cheap and have a large area, which is suitable for large-scale project development.


Siem Reap is a major tourist city with a tourism economy as the mainstay, and other industries are developing slowly. There is no large-scale development of new projects. The land price is relatively cheap and the land resources are remarkable.


Among other provinces, Kandal Province is closer to Phnom Penh and has developed faster than other regions. The land price is also significantly higher than other provinces. Especially the Kandal Stueng and TaKhmao have been the most popular investment in recent years. Many projects have been under constructing. With the advantage of new airport and Kandal province has great potential in the future.



*Please note source from Compass for reference.


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