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Land long-term investment may be popular

Summary:Cambodia is in stage of rapid development, and the potential of the land market cannot be underestimated.

As of April this year, the Cambodia government has issued 5,733,306 land property certificates to the public through the Ministry of Land Planning and Construction, accounting for 81.90% of the total households in the country. The report estimated that there are 7 million lands in Cambodia, most of the land owner obtain land ownership certificate already, only a small number of people are still in the process of processing.

The purpose of land ownership registration is to ensure the legal security of land use rights, respect people’s land rights, improve people’s living standards, reduce people’s poverty rate, increase national food security and promote social harmony. The Ministry of Land Planning and Construction of Cambodia pointed out that the government will complete 100% land registration of state-owned, private and indigenous communities in the country by 2021.

In the process of rapid development, Cambodia has attracted a large amount of foreign investment, and land and real estate are popular investments. The continuous economic development, urban expansion and real estate development have made Cambodia's land more popular. In addition, Cambodia is suitable for long-term investment.

With the acceleration of land ownership registration in the country, the land market will become more standardized and land disputes will decrease gradually, which is a great benefit for land development and land transactions.

The COVID-19 has made many investment activities confusing, but as a long-term asset, land is very popular. Cambodia is in a stage of rapid development, and the potential of the land market cannot be underestimated./public/uploads/us/image/20200624/1592987739436881.png/public/uploads/us/image/20200624/1592987774676386.png/public/uploads/us/image/20200624/1592987802583291.png/public/uploads/us/image/20200624/1592987841460808.png/public/uploads/us/image/20200624/1592987878334820.png


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