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Compass date analysis: high performance project

Summary:Compass date analysis: high performance project in this week.

1. New project rank


According to the browsing data of new project last week, the projects with higher cost performance are more popular, and Urban Village Phnom Penh still ranks first in the list.

2. New land for sell list


A total of 94 pieces of land were uploaded last week, including 78 pieces of hard title land and 15 pieces of soft title land.


In the continuous supply of land in Phnom Penh, a lot of land resources have been uploaded to potential areas such as Kandal, Kampong Speu, Kampot.

In terms of land prices, Phnom Penh has land prices ranging from 150-5000 US dollars. Siem Reap only uploaded 2 pieces of land, which is a small area. The unit price is higher, which raises the overall average price. The land prices in other provinces and cities are cheap relatively.

3.New land for rent


There are new land source in Phnom Penh and Kampong Speu last week, 7 lands in Phnom Penh, 14 lands in Kampong Speu. Land rental price is not so expensive in Cambodia.

4. New listing for rent


Last week, a total of 1185 housing were listed for rent, apartment accounted for about 73%, villas accounted for 11%, and other types of housing were less. Most of the new listings are concentrated in Phnom Penh, with about 1147 units. Siem Reap updated few listings.


Phnom Penh has the strongest rental demand and the largest share of housing. Among the housing updated last week, the four largest core areas are still the largest ones:  Chamkarmon District, Toul Kork District, Daun Penh District, and Makara District. As the largest administrative district, Chamkarmon has the highest proportion of total housing and new housing. The district has the most largest housing and there are certain housing dated and listed in other district up.


From the perspective of rents in Phnom Penh apartments with the most rental needs, usually 1-bedroom apartments are 400-500 USD/month, and 2-bedroom apartments are mostly 600-800 USD/month.


Note: The above data is the data of new houses and land added last week (June 22-28); all prices in the article are denominated in U.S. dollars; data source: compass finding room platform.

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