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Luxury decoration apartment in Phnom Penh

Summary:Luxury decoration apartment in Phnom Penh, nice project for investment and living.

As we all know, the prices of existing projects are expensive than forward delivery project.  However, most buyers prefer to buy existing projects.

 Why existing projects are best options for investment?

The existing project is real and intuitive, and you can see the real thing. The layout of the unit, the quality of the project, and the decoration situation are all clear at a glance, and buyers can clearly see the real situation of the project. Buying an existing project can avoid problems like unfinished buildings, delaying the delivery of project and disappear of developers. 

Secondly, as existing projects, you can buy it and move in days, and you can rent out to get rental.

For overseas buyers and local housing rigid demand buyers, existing housing are the most practical option.

Existing project is better in decoration

Decorate project usually decorated by developer, but in agreement signing period, buyers cannot know the standard of decoration, and the material standard. Therefore, there are disputes in  the forward delivery project, for buyers it is difficult to protect customer’s right. If it is decorated existing project, buyers could inspect the housing decoration and home appliance and furniture.

The Cambodian real estate industry is developing rapidly, but the overall construction is still in the early stages. Most new projects are pre-sales, and it is difficult to achieve large-scale existing project sales in the short term.

Existing project in Compass for buyers. No matter for investment or living purpose, these projects are good choices.








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