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Royal Skyland - economical project in Phnom Penh

Summary:Is there any economical project in Phnom Penh? Royal Skyland is the answer. 170 skyrocket building!

With the popularity of real estate in Phnom Penh, the housing price became more expensive, especially in core area. The average price of new project reach to 2500 dollar- 3500 dollar per square meter. While the affordable project around 1000 dollar per square meter are located in sub core area or outskirt.

Is there any affordable project in Phnom Penh? 170 meters -Royal Skyland will be the new landmark is the suitable project.


1. Location and facility

Royal Sky land located in BKK3, close to Monivong Avenue, enjoy the business core location.

Embassies are round in the vicinity of the project, and close to Land Ministry also an advantages for living there due to the good security.

The project is close to Russia market, only 900 meters to go there. The great traffic of Russia market which is helpful to rent out for owners, great appreciation space of the project. No matter investment or self living, both of them are good choice.

Royal Sky land project is close to the future air sky train of Monivong Blvd and Norodom Blvd, with the air sky train, the entire city could arrive in a short time. With the convenience of air sky train, the project will increase in value.


Chamkarmon District is the largest administrative district among the four core urban areas of Cambodia, and it is also the commercial center of Cambodia. In the process of economic development, this area has formed many influential business districts, such as BKK, Tonle Bassac River, Diamond Island, etc. Therefore,  Chamkarmon District has convenient transportation, mature commerce, abundant resources such as medical care and schools, and has great advantages in facilities.

Royal Sky land is located next to BKK3. The project is about 15 minutes' drive from the airport, 10 minutes' drive from the railway station, 8 minutes' drive from the Royal Palace and Prime Minister's Office in Phnom Penh, and 5 minutes' drive from the Chinese Embassy and Olympic Park. Surrounding the project are the Russian market, shopping center, and complete financial and medical facilities. It can be seen that the transportation and commercial facilities around the project are relatively complete, and the home is convenient.

The highlight of the project is that it is only 900 meters away from the Russian market. The Russian market is one of the famous markets in Phnom Penh. Russia market mainly for clothing wholesale, as well as fruits and vegetables, cafes, and bookstores. The slow life of Phnom Penh is vividly reflected here. The Russian market is popular among residents because of its central location and convenient life. Foreigners who live in Phnom Penh often go to the Russian market to shop. Due to the high popularity of this area, there is a market for rent and sale of houses around the market.

2. Project overview

Royal Sky Land project are consist of apartment, business, and kindergarten, which covers an area of 3169㎡,building area118,000㎡。

The project is a single building, with a smart garage on the ground floor, a five-star lobby and shops on the first floor, an international trilingual kindergarten of 2000 square meters on the third floor, and a luxury apartment above third floors. It can be seen that the planning of the entire project is scientific, and it is an apartment product that can be used for both commercial and residential purposes.

The construction plan of the project exceeds 170 meters, which is the highest height of Phnom Penh residential buildings. After completion, it will become a new landmark of Phnom Penh skyscraper!


3. Floor type and model room

One bedroom type, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, five bedrooms, and LOFT apartment, town house, and shops( cinema, sky restaurant, infinity swimming pool and etc), all the different type to meet various buyers.

Apartment included apartment and duplex apartment, for small family we can choose small area type, for big family we can choose duplex apartment.

1Bedroom: building area 59.57㎡, use area 42㎡, bright bedroom with independent balcony, big French window, good lighting, open view of the project.


2bedrooms:building area90.78㎡, good lighting of two bedrooms, good lighting, private balcony, kitchen.


Duplex 5 bedrooms: building area 181.56㎡,use area 12842㎡, spacious type. First choice for big family.




4.Facility of the project

Royal Sky land is not a large scale project but well equipped with all facility. The project covers an area of 220㎡super infinity swimming pool, 500㎡SKy bar,Spa room, yoga room, cinema, then resident’s daily need can be met.

In addition, tri- language kindergarten also equipped, 10 thousands of Australia education center and private school also close to the project. Developer had take education into consideration when develop the project.


5. Price& return yield

Royal SKy land is well-recognized by the market. Even during the epidemic period, there are still transaction records every day for two months, and performance are impressive.

The more eye catching advantages of the project are affordable price besides location and facility

Currently the bottom price of Royal Sky land is $990/㎡,the affordable price in the business area is a good news for the buyers.

Price of apartments in Phnom Penh is around US$2,000-2600 per square meter, high-end projects are around US$3,000-3500 per square meter, and economic apartments are around US$1,500 per square meter, and most of them are located in remote suburbs.

Royal Sky land are located in core area of Chamkarmon, average price of new project in this area around 2700 dollars, even 3500 dollars in BKK1. Royal Sky land start from $990/㎡, for buyers it is more cost efficient.


Take a look at the rental in this area. One-bedroom apartment is about $500-1600/month, of which BKK1 is about $800-1600/month; two-bedroom apartment is about $800-2500/month, of which BKK1 is about $1500-2500/month; three-bedroom apartment is about $1500- 3500/month, of which BKK1 is about $2500-3500/month, and compared with the price of Royal Sky land, the rental return rate also very impressive.

In addition, the project provides leaseback services. Fulu Property Management Co., Ltd. intimately provides owners with full, one-stop butler leaseback&trust services, maintenance, trust leases for owners, even sales or mortgages, which can be entrusted throughout the entire process.

From the macro perspective, Royal Sky land’s location determines that the project is a good choice for investment and living with affordable price.


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