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Investing in Sen Sok district, start from $1500/㎡

Summary:Sen Sok district are improved greatly with the development of Phnom Penh, Sen Sok district became the core district of Phnom Penh.

With the introduction of large-scale residential projects and retail projects and the construction of infrastructure projects, the appearance of Sen Sok District has been changed greatly, and it has become an important residential area in Phnom Penh .

Today we will introduce new projects in Sen Sok district.

Project:  AKJ Bright Pearl

Price: start from $1,550/m²


Recommended reason: well equipped facility, affordable cheap price, school nearby

AKJ Bright Pearl area from 34-75㎡, price start from $1550, average price $1700/㎡, delivery date: August, 2021.


Project: Yuetai The Garden

Price: start from $1,600 /m²


Recommended reason: close to airport, rich medical source and education source, low Plot Ratio

Yuetai The Garden area from 30-84㎡, total price $500K-$700K, shop house area from 118-184㎡, total price $170K-$250K, shop area from 5-15㎡, total price $6000-$14000.

Project: North Park

Price: start from $1,990 /m²


Recommended reason:well equipped facility, existing project, close to the North Bridge

North Park1bedroom-3bedrooms type for sell, area from40.2~134.7㎡, price start from 1990$/㎡,total price start from $80000.


Project: Star city

Price: average price $2,100 /m²


Recommended reason: existing project, multiple property types, high return yield rate

The project covers an area of about 3.6 hectares. Building A has been delivered on December 31, 2018, and Building B has been delivered on March 31, 2019. Area from 51-91 square meters are on sale. The average price is 2100$/㎡. It is expected to be about 18% return yield rate in 3 years.

Project: Prince International Plaza

Price: start from $2,200/m²


Prince International Plaza:brand project, forward delivery project, special offer

There are not many units valid in the project, and now buyers will also enjoy two preferential benefits. Benefit 1: Down payment by installments, 10% down payment can buy the unit in Prince International Plaza. Benefit 2: Housing purchase subsidy, now you can obtain subsidy of $3500-10000 for housing decoration.

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