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Reasonable projects in Sihanoukville, price around $1500/m²

Summary:Even Sihanoukville is developing province, there are still affordable projects which will appear their results soon as following.

Chinese commerce and investment have brought industrial parks, factories, commercial housing, hotels, restaurants and casinos as well. The seaside tourist city is gradually changing into an engine of Cambodia's economy. 

Over the past five years some have begun referring to Sihanoukville as a "next Shenzhen." The road to development is not easy as the city still faces many development problems. But joining the Belt and Road Initiative and enhancing cooperation with China has become the consensus on how to push forward.

Even Sihanoukville is developing, there is still affordable projects which will appear their results soon as following: 

*Project: LZ Sea View Residences

Price from: $1300/m²

Location: in Sangkat 4, Mittapheap District, Krong Preah Sihanouk, Sihanoukville, Cambodia 

Recommeded reason: Cheap price, good surrounding facilities 


LZ Sea View Residences in Cambodia is providing a luxurious lifestyle with the safety of the investment. This residential project well-equipped with swimming pool at rooftop and fitness center and spa services and playground for kid, these facilities will take away all the tensions from your mind. You can just relax and enjoy the beautiful sea view without any worries. In addition to these, LZ Sea View Residences comes with a coffee shop and Mini Mart, so you can have everything you may need in your demand. You won’t have to travel anywhere to get the things you require in your daily life.

*Project: The Star GreenTown


Location:  Close to Chinatown, Krong Preah Sihanouk, Sihanoukville, Cambodia  

Recommended reason: affordable price with the sea-view, good matching 


The height of project is up to 160 meters, the first and third floors are 5.5 meters high, and the second floor is 9 meters high. The residential floor is equivalent to 11 floors of other projects, creating a landmark building in Sihanoukville.

The casino is nearly 17,000 square meters, the top three in scale, and the 6000 suites complement each other. It is convenient for urban planning and construction such as housing, office, parking, leisure, entertainment, shopping in a comprehensive project.

*Project: Port City NO.1 

Price: $1700/m²

Lcation: In Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone

Recommended reason: high price growth , worth to investment


The project is dedicated to the economic and development lifeline of Sihanoukville. China, Japan, South Korea and other countries have jointly developed, and the future development of the region is huge. Port No.1 project is the first service complex of Sihanoukville. Relying on the super-flow advantage of Special Economic Zone and nearly 1,000 core merchant group, the Hong Kong City nicknamed a large-scale commercial business, with three major formats and eight major centers to create a "one-stop" commercial all-round service system, covering the casino, swimming pools at the rooftop, sky bars, KTV, SPA, cafes, Chinese and Western restaurants, gyms will fully meet the high-end residential, holiday and business needs of local and international people.

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