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Which District Is Better To Buy Villa? Chbar Ampov Or Chroy Chongva?

Summary:Take a look at this comparison for better decision if you are looking forward to invest in a villa in Chbar Ampov or Chroy Chongva.

Chbar Ampov and Chroy Chongva are the two districts which have one thing in common, both of these areas are very popular in villas and Boreys. Chbar Ampov is located at the south-east of Phnom Penh City, it is connected to the mid-city by Chbar Ampov Bridge. The main road in that area is National Highway 1, which connect the bridge to the area. However, Chroy Changvar is located in the north-east of Phnom Penh and connected to mid-Phnom Penh city by a pair of Cambodia-China Friendship Bridge and Cambodia-Japan Friendship Bridge. Infrastructure and transportation system in both areas are very similar with many infrastructure projects gaining and developing there such as Boreys, townhouses, and villas.

Villas in Chbar Ampov are very elegant and luxurious which can range from 3 bedrooms to 13 bedrooms, with area of 40㎡ to 2100㎡. The interior of the villa consists large bedrooms, bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, a living room that can host a big party and have many guest come over, the surrounding of the villa are planted with peaceful and quiet atmosphere. These villas are mostly located in Boreys, which is guarded 27/7, so you are rest assured that it is very safe to live there. These villas price are very costly, yet, the quality is worth the price. Price can range from $350/m² to $2,333/m². Total sale price starts at $140,000 /Unit.

Click the picture below to see villas for sale in Chbar Ampov: ↓


Villas in Chroy Chongva are very sophisticated and simple, range from 4 bedrooms to 5 bedrooms, with area of 10㎡ to 700㎡. The interior of the villa consists bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room for a cozy family lifestyle, the environment there is peaceful and quiet. These villas are mostly local villas and the neighborhood is very safe. These villas price are cheaper than Chbar Ampov area, yet, the quality is still good. Total sale price starts at $39,000 /Unit.

Click the picture below to see villas for sale in Chroy Chongva: ↓


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