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Perfect Rental Apartments Have Just Entered the Market and Prices Start at Only $500/Month

Summary:Are you looking for an apartment that is fully equipped, luxurious, affordable and located in the central area of Phnom Penh? Now, Compass will introduce the choice of apartment for rent which is good in all respects. Let's see!

Although the spread of Covid-19 has severely disrupted the daily lives of people from all over the world, it has also contributed to changes in the human thoughts in all views. In the past, due to the busyness of various occupations to earn for living, sometimes some people needed to relocate everywhere, making rental housing an integral part of their lives. However, most people do not pay much attention to the choice of their rental houses, they often take only a low price as a basic information in the selection. For facilities such as gym or swimming pool, is seldom to see in their selection criteria. Nonetheless, today most things are different and many people are starting to focus on health care, safety, learning to love themselves as well as the people around them, and learning to start enjoying with every second that has passed. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of the people of this new era for renting houses, Compass will also introduce a house that brings a variety of benefits in accordance with the needs. Let's read together.

Condition of house 

Keyword: Apartment for Rent in Olympic

Price: $500-1,000/month

Type: there are many kinds to choose with 1/2/3 bedroom and size from 51m²-108m²



Initially, look at the infrastructure of the house and see that all the rooms in the apartment are well equipped, allowing the tenants to move in immediately after payment. The bedroom of the apartment is equipped with a bed which is large enough for two people with a small table at the head of the bed that can put green plants, night lights, alarm clocks, as well as other accessories. Moreover, on the opposite side of the bed, there is a simple, beautiful and sturdy wardrobe.



Looking at the design of the living room of the apartment, this room has been meticulously decorated, can provide freshness and ample space. Not only that, this room is also equipped with sofas, coffee tables, TVs, air conditioners, decorative cabinets and glass windows to meet the needs of everyday.



The kitchen is formed to get sunlight as well as a simple style and is equipped with additional appliances such as microwave, tea / coffee maker, aroma machine to keep the air fresh. The design of the bathroom is matched with a modern color scheme and clearly separate the dry and wet sides.

Facility: Elevator, Sauna, 24-hours security, Camera security, swimming pool, gym


The apartment building offers an elevator, a storage room, a Jacuzzi, as well as a sauna, which can give you a place to relax after their busy life.

Service: Monitor, security, clean, repair

Location: All apartments are Rchid Park, located in Sangkat Olympic, Chamkarmon, and surrounded by coffee shops. In addition, it is only a short walk from the apartment to the Olympic Market. Moreover, the location of this apartment is only 1.8 km from Wat Prak of the capital.

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