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How does your ideal residence in Phnom Penh look like? Maybe there will be an answer here

Summary:Everyone has an ideal home in their minds, and does your ideal house look like this? Come and take a look!

Everyone deserves to find their ideal house. What should it look like? Is it located in the core area of the city with a beautiful environment, having complete supporting facilities, or come up with a high-end livelihood? The projects that Compass will introduce to you today could all meet your ideal conditions——Diamond One, could meet all your requirements for an ideal house at once.


Diamond One is located in a prime area with well-planned, wide roads and orderly governance Diamond Island. It is a high-end apartment project developed by the most famous brand developer in Cambodia, Prince Real Estate Group. The project consists of a residential building and 43 townhouses, which are perfectly overhead with luxuriously decoration that could create exquisite, stable and permanent high-end urban residences for residents.


The project is adjacent to the Australian Embassy, Sofitel International Five-star  hotel, and the wealthy residential community Elite Town where business and political elites gather. Living here, residents could enjoy the surrounding international construction and top shopping malls. Once the residential windows opened, residents could see the charming beauty of the Mekong River. Diamond One truly stands out for its unprecedented luxury and extraordinary value.


Diamond One has the geographical advantage of CBD and a mature transportation network. You could reach the city center within a few minutes by car. The hard card enjoys freehold property rights and the ownership of apartments from the second floor above. The GRR is 8-12%. The could be paid back in 8-10 years, and the annual property appreciation rate of 10%.

The main sales units of the project range from 61.47-141.06㎡, includes one-bedroom and two-bedroom units, with completed supporting facilities which equipped with elevators, fire fighting systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems, alarm systems, video surveillance, swimming pools, gymnasiums, SPA pavilions, rooftop bars and 24-hour security. The unit price is $2,600/㎡, and the total price starts at $120,000 per set.




From August 15th to 31st, buyers can enjoy discounts, receive exclusive offers, and be guaranteed for Compass top picks of quality projects. Projects offer discounts up to 41%, get mysterious gift packages, and many other advantages!


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