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Compass Real Estate's Project Investment Promotion Package Is Back & Better Than Ever!

Summary:In the post-epidemic era, "Popularity" & "Trend" have become key engines to develop the industry.

At the moment, Cambodia has intensively introduced various policies and measures.

Thus, the domestic economy will accelerate the pace of recovery.

And because real estate industry plays an important role in these improvements,

In the post-epidemic era,

"Popularity" & "Trend" have become key engines to develop the industry.

Based on this, Compass has decided to make another special launch of

"Compass Real Estate 4th Anniversary & Weekend Carnival"


Specific selected locations

Help developers seize another wave of popularity

Which leads a new flow of trend

Duration: 10.23-10.24

Location: Phnom Penh AEON 1

Contact Us

SuSu: +855(0)965890647 / +855(0) 66400666


At the beginning of October, Compass already carried out the first phase of offline activity.

The six-day event with the theme of "Compass Real Estate 4th Anniversary Giveaway" ended successfully last Sunday (October 3rd).

Wonderful Flashback

Characterizing "Gratitude, Feedback, Surprise, & Joy"

☆ This anniversary is unprecedented 

From the first day, starts at the entrance of the COMPASS building

Then, ends at AEON1

Everyone Has a Chance to Seize Good Luck

Huge Perks & Coupons

Spin The Lucky Wheel

Non-Stop Mysterious Gift Packages!





Since the activity booth was organized regarding the preventing measures, the event accommodated nearly a thousand of visitors and more than 700 visitors had participated in the game, according to inspecific data.

In the joint exhibition in AEON 1, Phnom Penh’s popular new projects, building models, floor plans, project information leaflets, etc. were displayed on the spot, which exquisitely and comprehensively showed customers the future scenes of the project, and provided more customers a better understanding of the project.

This display was full of achievements that the exhibited real estate project gained 62 groups of customers in just two days on weekends!

2 (2).png

Compass Real Estate

Gives Life More Surprises!


As the first offline event officially kicked off in 2021

The event was not only for people to answer business aspects

This also brings happiness to more people

What normal people can get is

New experience of house viewing and searching

What investors can get is

More valuable information about the industry

What developers can get is

Bring trends, popularity, and well-known elements to the project



Compass Real Estate is going to bring you another offline event on

October, 23 to 24

We’ll meet again soon!

For Sponsorship/Cooperation

SuSu: +855(0)965890647 / +855(0) 66400666

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