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It`s awesome ! Hundreds of millions of US satellite cities have begun construction today in Bavet

Summary:Hundreds of million of US satellite cities have begun collapsing groundbreaking today in Bavet.City,and over 1,000 hectares of land is still in the early stages of the company`s construction on a sizeable plot of land.57 ha.


Chief Executive Officer of Empire World,Eric Loo ,a major satellite city investor,said last week that he had studied the Asean Countries as well as key cities in Cambodia.Recently,he has decide to invest in the satellite city project,which is large international project and the construction of Located on an area of more than 1,000 hectares,but the first phase in under development in the city,which is on 57 hectares,he added,"this satellite city includes a casino.Five Star Hotel,Boutique Hotel,Restaurant and Techonology Center to Help Government Manage Online in Cambodia Smooth forward.He said,"So far,more than 40 companies and has come to cooperate with us, signed to open in the project.


In addition to the satellite city, another Chinese company has also started construction on the 7-hectare satellite city in Bavet City and named it Heng Heng.Eric Loo said that Bavet has many features in a one-way belt project located close to Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam, which is easy to transport and Expanding trade links.


According to specific information, there are currently Chinese and as many as 50,000 Chinese investors have been working hard and investing in this city, by 2025, Bavet will have people living Approximately 200,000 Eric Loo said the goal of satellite city development will be to work with other international investment partners, More and more companies have been interested in collaborating with us, besides the partners we already have about 40 companies.


The government of Cambodia has been putting Bavet into an industrial development zone in the industrial development policy of 2015 - 2025, with two other cities: Sihanoukville and Poipet. The industrial cities mean the government will organize both infrastructure and Extension and software to become a center for trade and finance Any object in the world.


Eric Loo also said that the reason we invested in this satellite city is because it is a strategic city that borers international borders where Cambodia has two internationally-bound borders: the border of Bavet and Poipet,which the government can not close because it is part of the ASEAN Economic Community."We will not only develop the infrastructure,but we will also participate in human resource training,because now Cambodia has not enough human resources,so in this satellite city we will also have to build,"he said.Also,the Bavet,especially at National Road 1,is part of the ASEAN road and is in the midst of fighting.develop ASEAN connectivity and infrastructure.

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