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Cambodia-China starts increasing direct flights

Summary:Meanwhile, Chinese tourism and investment have grown to a new Chinese airline to promote trade and relations between the two countries.


Direct flights from Siem Reap to the city of Sisangpa are the best things to help develop the economy of the two countries. On the other hand, the tourism industry of the two countries has grown, and the two people's economies have improved significantly.the city of Sisangpa  is the largest city in China to conserve animals. In addition, the city of Sisangpa is also a major agricultural city, especially on tea and banana crops. "And all such products like tea and bananas  can be made the city of Sisangpa receives about 4 million tourists each year. and in seam reap province also encouraging the increasing number of tourists visiting Cambodia, and also encouraging the livelihood of the two countries to flourish.


During that occasion, both sides signed a memorandum of cooperation on cooperation between  the city of Sisangpa  and Siem Reap, focusing on promotion of student exchanges and agreeing to set up direct flights from  the city of Sisangpa to Siem Reap province , as well as promoting the potential tourist attractions of  the city of Sisangpa and Siem Reap each year in  the city of Sisangpa  And Siem Reap organized by focusing on tourism in Siem Reap town and settled  the city of Sisangpa .
The two sides also urged the administration of Siem Reap and  the city of Sisangpa  to work together to equate the consensus of the leaders of the two governments to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two provinces and cities of the two countries. Cooperation in all fields.

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