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25 new developments will be delivered in 2020

Summary:25 new developments will be delivered in 2020, mainly located in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukvile, Svay Rieng.

In the boom of overseas investment, the market changes at any time. For investors, the delivery time is the main element to reduce investment risks. 2020 is coming, real estate in Cambodia has become the focus of investors.

According to Compass present statistics, there will be a total of 25 developments delivered in Cambodia in this year, mainly located in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, and Svay Rieng.


Phnom Penh is the main supply city of new developments. As of December 2020, 20 projects will be delivered, accounting for 80% of the total delivery project. Secondly, Sihanoukville has 4 project deliveries, and the property of the project is serviced apartments. There is one project in Svay Rieng Province, which is located in Bavet, Svay Rieng Province.


From the perspective of the proportion of delivery areas in Phnom Penh, Chamkarmon District ranks first, accounting for 30%, and TK District and Makara District are second and third, with 15% and 10%. Chamkarmon, as a popular housing sector has been the main area for property transactions. In 2020, six projects will be delivered, Golden Tower Building, Wang Jiajun Garden, 88SOHO, Picasso City Garden, KY icenter, and The Peak Residences. With the increasing number of housing delivery projects in the Sangyuan District, the richer and more comprehensive the listings for buyers are, the decorated project may become a new hotspot for home buyer.


Judging from the monthly distribution of house deliveries, in 2020, the house delivery time divided into the three phases:the beginning, the middle of the year and the end of the year. The number of project deliveries at the end of the year was the largest. Secondly, there was a small upsurge in project delivery in the middle of the year. There were 4 projects sales in June and July. For property buyers and developers, property delivery is a important issue. Buyers want to get their property rights as soon as possible to obtain investment returns, and developers always want more time to build products, so the properties that can be delivered quickly It seems particularly precious. Let ’s take a look at the details of real estate for sale in 2020. Due to space limitations, Xiao Nan can only display some real estate. For details of other real estate for sale, please browse on the Compass.


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