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China`s investment increstment has increased to $ 20 billion

Summary:China has increased its economic and trade investment in Cambodia and increased employment opportunities for the end of 2018,Chinese-Cambodian investment reached $ 20 billion .

Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia, Wang Wentian, said he will use existing good cooperation mechanisms to promote Chinese-Cambodian trade investment and promote the development of Cambodian economy and people's livelihoods. Better yet. China and Cambodia have a good tradition of supporting each other and always having assistance in helping each other. For a long time, China has made significant efforts to improve the economic and social development of Cambodia and to improve the living conditions of the people.


The ambassador pointed out that China has increased its economic and trade investments in Cambodia and increased employment opportunities for Cambodians. By the end of 2018, investment between China and Cambodia reached $ 20 billion. Chinese-backed enterprises accounted for 70% of the total number of garment factories in Cambodia, employing hundreds of thousands of jobs and only economic zones Especially attracted over 20,000 jobs in the region. . China has also expanded its investment in the Kingdom's energy sector to ease pressure on Cambodians. Chinese energy companies produce more than 8,000 kilowatts of electricity in Cambodia.


The power generation of investment projects account for about 80% of Cambodia's total energy production, reducing production costs of enterprises and living standards of the people, which bring real benefits to the Cambodian people. Wang Wentian added that China has continued to increase its aid to Cambodia and to improve the livelihoods of Cambodians. Chinese enterprises have used various finances to build a highway of more than 3000 km for Cambodia and to create eight major confluent bridges. The irrigation area of the completed water conservation project is 456,000 hectares.

The Chinese side also actively helps Cambodia to build large hospitals such as Cambodian-Chinese Friendship Medical  and has expanded its rural roads,  school buildings in Cambodian villages and remote areas. Areas that improve the regional infrastructure. For the benefit of the local population. Ambassador Wang Wentian also noted that in the new era of Cambodia's cooperation, a senior arrangement using existing cooperation mechanisms to promote China-Cambodia trade investment, and Promote the Cambodian economy and improve the living standards of the people in better life . The emphasis on employment in Cambodia has been intensified to the point where efforts have been made to implement rural livelihood projects, hospitals and schools. Etc. Thus, more local people can benefit from the practical cooperation between China and Cambodia, and build strong foundations for China-Cambodia friendship. Promote trade in aid to local people and local people, solve local concerns, ensure that relevant assistance is carried out and work closely  to made a good relationship with each other.

Ambassador Wang Wentian held his first press conference after he took office at the embassy yesterday afternoon. He will visit China from Oct. 20 to 23 this month and accept interviews through local media and via Chinese in Cambodia.

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