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Bavet City has more economic potential after preparing the blueprint

Summary:Up to now, the Bavet Development Blueprint of Svay Rieng has already been designed with a number of infrastructural facilities in accordance with The government's plan to develop the city is a commercial and industrial zone.


So far, the master plan developed in Svay Rieng province, Bavet, has already been designed, with the construction of a number of infrastructures in line with the Royal Government's plan to develop the city as a commercial area. And industry in the near future.According to official documents received late last week, Bavet will have a large infrastructure network of up to 30 meters, and will also have a residential area, a golf course, a commercial district, a SEZ Public parks, agricultural areas, reservoirs, etc.
     Currently, Bavet has two active satellite cities, Empire World City, which plans to develop over 1,150 hectares (initially over 57 hectares), Heng Heng Satellite City with 7 hectares and area Special Economic Zones 5.The Royal Government has set Bavet as an industrial zone in the industrial development policy 2015-2025, as currently, about 10 special economic zones and dry ports have been operating actively there.
   Bavet has a unique and favorable location, as it will be the Central Commercial Center between Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh. What's more important about  this city is on a Silk Road or a Belt, one of the streets of China that has passed through the satellite city.In Cambodia, there are many border crossings but international border checkpoints are only in two : Bavet and Poipet, the gateway linking ASEAN.


Bavet is Mega City, it will attract more people to the city via online gaming, casinos, hotel rooms, resorts, water parks, etc. And when the project is finished, it will give great potential to this area, giving the opportunity to invest and attract more investment.
      And what's even more special when a belt project, one of the roads is officially connected, facilitates transportation, and enhances trading activities, transportation, as it is still attached to the international border checkpoint. One big one.
     And today, Bavet is developing very differently before, especially after Chinese investors investing, making the economy in the province very fast.
For land and real estate, prices are also high because of Chinese buyers and Chinese buy only in downtown Bavet, especially close to the casinos near the border, such as the casino Mokpai, starting at $ 1 million. To $ 3 million per hectare, the land is owned by Macau Casino, $ 4 million per hectare.
    For vacant land or growing land, compared to previous years, if the land has not been filled in per square meter for $ 10 to $ 20, the curb at the bus stop at $ 30 1 square meter, Land along National Road # 1 for $ 80 USD per square meter and land adjoin National No. 1 in Bati district,and the price land in Sangkat Chrok Mock 1 sqm price  $ 20 only .
There are currently about 20,000 foreigners living in Svay Rieng province, including Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indonesian and Chinese. However, management is still complicated. However, the Bavet Administration is also planning to census foreigners for ease of management.

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