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Should you Buying a Cheap Land without a hard land Certificate ?

Summary:The cheapest land in Cambodia is very diverse, with different reasons, some land is the owed land , and some are urgent land and other are selling cheap because there is no hard title certificate


And for land that is cheaper, and land is not have a hard land Certificate , should you risk taking it? The risk of buying uninsured land is that it depends on the type of client . There are two types :

1. The client that has a lot of money:

For anyone with whom he has a lot of money, he can pay a small portion of his money to buy a land without a hard title of land and a low price because he can paid only small budget for buying the land. He can spend a little more money on getting a hard copy design and if the land is a legitimate land and is owned by someone else.

And eventually he can make a payment after he has a hard title of land, and he can made  that land to be nice , and value of that land will increase accordingly. And if there is any problem, He may also have a budget for solving all those problems also .

2. The client that has little money

 And for a client who does not have enough more money, he should not risk investing  in uninsured land because if he paid his money to buy the land, he has to spend all his money to buy the land, then He will not have the money to solve other problems . And eventually he will be able to suffer financial loss.

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