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Ants island are developing as an international resort

Summary:With the growth of international tourists as well as diversified investors, demand for luxury restaurants and hotels has increased steadily in Cambodia, especially in provinces with economic potential and tourism.


With the growth of international tourists as well as diversified investors, demand for luxury restaurants and hotels has grown steadily in Cambodia, especially in provinces with economic and tourism potential. In response to this need, a company has been developing a five star resort Ants Island Phase 1 will be put into operation this year.


The resort's investment project is on the isle is invested by SEA SENSE Resort and is a subsidiary of MARITIME Group. The new tourism resort "SEA SENSE Resort" is designed  like 5 star luxury and will appear on the islands of Sihanoukville. The resort is scheduled to finish the first phase of development by the end of 2019 to prepare for welcome the arrival of visitors from all over the world.

The investment project includes a range of leisure facilities such as guesthouses, bungalows, family villas, jetties or floating bridges, receptions, restaurants, pools, fitness clubs and tennis tables, shopping mall, massage parlors, spa Public Bathrooms Boat Rental Kayaking: Oriflame Airbags For tourists who want to take a vacation

And the company does not forget to focus on environmental , hygiene and rubbish so the company has imported a modern smoke-burning incinerator for burning trash cannons in the islands to ensure that the environment does not affect the islands. Ants Island are 25,65 hectares, but from the natural land on the island there are about 33 hectares. The islands are only 800 meters from the Naval Base. If you are traveling by boat, it takes just 10 minutes, but if you travel through the fast-boat  for only about 5 minutes.

Over the last two years, Preah Sihanouk province has become an important destination of investors from various parts of the world, and today it has been making progress in Sihanoukville's development. Sihanoukville is a perfect place for all investors to invest in the hospitality industry.

Moreover, most importantly, Cambodia has a complete peace of mind, in which Sihanoukville also guarantees high security with its abundant natural resources, including 32 excellent islands. Especially, there is a diverse range of transport systems such as Railways, waterways, roads, airports also .

The Ministry of Tourism has predicted that by 2020, Cambodia will greet more than 7 million international tourists, and by 2030 will receive about 15 million tourists and about 13 million national tourists. To meet the growing number of tourists, Cambodia needs more than 100,000 hotels to accommodate accommodation, including about 60% of the four-star and 5-star luxury hotels, equivalent to about 600,00 rooms across the country. For Sihanoukville, more than 30,000 hotel rooms will be needed, with more than 20,000 luxury hotels catering to about 2 million international tourist arrivals and about 3 million national tourists by 2030 .

Tourism Minister Thong Khon expressed his support for tourism investment projects and called for more creative investment, as well as high responsibility in accordance with the Royal Government's environmental standards and guidelines. The government controls coastal areas in response to tourism growth and sustainable  Current and future continue.

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