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The $ 260 million commercial building will begin construction today

Summary:​The Royal One, a $ 260 million twin-storey commercial building, officially grounded in the morning of February 14 While the property market in Phnom Penh is growing.


OTK Royal One, a subsidiary of Royal Group of Oknha Kith Meng, will begin crushing the foundation of a $ 260 million high-rise commercial building project in Phnom Penh after opening its office in 2018.

This commercial building is located on Lot 93, Street 114, Monivong Boulevard, with its luxurious style and modern equipment. The Royal One commercial building project is a joint venture between OTK Royal One and Chinese Huashi Group Construction Company.


This luxurious commercial building will be used as a multi-purpose commercial center with condominiums, offices and shopping malls, and the construction takes up to three years, and the new commercial building will be the tallest building In Cambodia, will also contribute to the lifting of the face of Cambodia in the near future.

Building a commercial building, though big, but no have any problem it is when Cambodia really needs a lot of buildings because of an increase in year-on-year investment, the size of the trade The larger Cambodia will make this project a success. The project is in a good position to be a Landmark for Phnom Penh in the future. Growth of the national economy and investment will help to make the real estate market more confident to invest  in Cambodia. "

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