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The Price Of Kep Is Increasing As Investment Grows

Summary:​Meanwhile, the current price of land in Kampot is steadily increasing like Sihanoukville . The price of land in Kep is also increasing like Kampot as the government shows The project to develop the province in the direction of the sea to become The most attractive tourist areas.​


Cambodia's Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen said recently that through the Ministry of Land Management and Urban Planning, especially the Ministry of Tourism, will strengthen the development of infrastructure along with its transformation and establishment. Existing nature attractions in Kep to become tourist attractions In line with the reputation of the "ASEAN Clean Tourism City".

He said that the real estate sector in Kep is also popular with investors, especially Chinese investors who are pushing up prices for land and real estate. Especially, the coastal area has increased dramatically compared to last year.


Last year, land adjacent to coastal areas, as well as the sloping terrain off the coast to the crab market, can only sell for $ 230, but now it's up to $ 500 per square meter.

 Particularly for land in mountainous areas, there may be price $ 200.High or low land prices depend on the condition of the land and the land size area For the future, Kep continues to rise, but it`s does not equal like  land price in Kampot or Sihanoukville, and it can be turned into a private
 tourist place, Kep province is a small province and has less tourist area than Kampot province.


Kep is one of the most developed provinces in the future, which is the focus of international and local investors and especially for Chinese investors. as it has the potential  because it`s a coastal province.

Today, the price of land in Kep is increasing by more than 50 per cent compared to the past two years, especially the land on the coast. Most investors are buying to keep for selling in long term to make rise price , it`s not just the develope area , but it will become a commercial area after Kampot.

The reason why the land in Kep continues to rise in the future, as Kep is naturally favorable, with many recreational areas, as well as coastal areas as well as many smaller islands. Particularly geographically, it is better than in Kampot province, with a length of more than 30 km, more than 130 kilometers from Phnom Penh, especially when talk about  the connecting to Vietnam with a closer length than Kampot. It is easy to transport as well as link to a travel network and tourist also .

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