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Why You Should Start Investing Condominium In 2019 ?

Summary:Living in Condominium in Cambodia seems to be gradually increasing Compared with nowaday sales, Cambodians seem like to buy more than foreigners in the pass years.


Living in Condominium in Cambodia seems to be gradually increasing Compared with nowaday sales, Cambodians seem like to buy more than foreigners in the pass years.This sign indicates that the Khmer people's lifestyle seems to be changing from living in home and turning to live in Condominium. The trend of living is from three major factors:

1) steady economic growth, population growth

Of course, the economy in Cambodia has steady growth of around 7% annually, and the growth of the population continues to grow, and the growing number of young people is becoming more and more interesting. and they are interested in Living in a diverse business area or a modern, modern condominium such as condominiums and apartments.

"In the past, 80% of my clients were foreigners, but now most are Cambodians," said Kong Kear, a real estate expert. "Condominium prices in Cambodia are still relatively low, making the market attractive. The five-star condominium unit in Cambodia can be priced from $ 2,500 to $ 3,500 per square meter. But similar condominiums in Singapore cost $ 18,000 per square meter.

Similarly, CPV CEO Son Vireak said that 90% of his current condo buyers are Cambodian. "Usually we can sell 5 to 6 units per month to local customers," he said. it is stated that Cambodians are becoming more aware of the benefits of condominium living and they are also increasingly living in this way.

2. Growing of foreigners came to work and increase tourism and investment

Of course foreign tourists come to work and invest in this country, most of them tend to live condo rather than living in a normal home, because their country is more developed than our country, and they are used to it. There are a lot of foreigners living in condo such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, US and other foreigners. The opening of investment opportunities by the government has attracted more foreign investors and expatriates to live in Cambodia. And recently, the government plans to receive more than $ 7 million international tourists, leaving even more influx of foreigners to Cambodia.

Moreover, some  of the major development projects in Cambodia today is that many foreign investment projects have invested a lot of dollars in Cambodia, such as Princee Real Estate, R & F Real Estate, Urban Village, Lingnan Garden, and the Agricultural banks, etc.

3. The opportunity to receive high profits from investments  

Condominiums investment to achieve high profits is closely tied to be in  current and future real demand. Demand for Condominium Demand in Cambodia seems to have steadily increased in these important areas, and many condo developers have started to invest in condominiums Sector.

In addition, the trend of condo investment is not yet strong enough, it is a chance for investors come to invest and can sell and rent back a higher standard rate.

And the main factor driving condo investment to become more profitable is that the projects just started to build the real estate price is very cheap so it is a good time for us to invest because when the construction ends, the condo will automatically rise.

In fact, a condo construction project on Samdech Techo Highway or 60m Street, new projects begin to soon , that `s making the price of land in that area increase day by day, And if we want to invest to get a lot of money  we can invest in the initial sale or  when they start the foundation once the construction finishes, so the price will double.

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