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Last 10 year, Cambodia received more than US $ 43 billion in construction investment

Summary:After the economic and real estate crisis during 2008, the real estate, land, real estate and construction sector in Cambodia has recovered, making the sector acting Significant milestones in boosting national economic growth over the last 10 years, Cambodia has received over 43 construction investment capital Billion dollars US.


According to Mr. Chea Sophara, Deputy Prime Minister, Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction at the 1st Private Forum on Development of Cambodia-Japan Urbanization in Phnom Penh, recently, the development of urbanization is growing. In a fast pace that can see many investment needs such as housing, construction, business, Construction, infrastructure, physical infrastructure, and environment, social economy, especially housing development, affordable price, road network, water supply, electricity, drainage systems and flood protection systems, dumping stations, solid and liquid construction management, public space and green spaces. The city is a good solution The target for sustainable development, institutional environment output resistance and become more competitive towards achieving Vision 2030 to become an advanced middle-income and high-income countries in 2050.


He added that as a result of the realization of this sector, property and construction development has become a key pillar of Cambodia's economic growth. "In fact, investment capital in the construction sector over the 10 years from 2010 to 2019 is about US $ 43,896 million, and in January 2019 there will be investment capital in the sector," said Minister Chea Sophara. About 829 million US dollars, up 178 percent over the same period in 2018. " He added that 2,307 licensed design contractors and construction companies have more than 2,500 architects and 30,000 engineers. The Ministry of Land Management and Construction of Cambodia has been cooperating with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan in drafting the Law on Construction and other legal norms for the construction industry in Cambodia.

According to the Ministry of Labor, Lao Tip Seiha said that during the last period, the construction sector has Dispersed into areas other than Phnom Penh, such as Sihanoukville and Siem Reap, but Phnom Penh There is still high potential to invest in construction for foreign and domestic investors. "Lao Tip Seiha said:" High-rise buildings are seen turning to the palace of Sihanoukville, in which the hotel condominiums have also been growing in the area to serve the needs. While Sihanoukville is a major tourist destination for foreign and domestic tourists. "

Cambodia is comparing like a beautiful brides in Asia and are attracting investors from all the country over the region.In addition, Cambodia has a good natural environment, strong base for building high-rise buildings, especially Cambodia is the heart of  ASEAN region.It is easy to travel to other ASEAN countries including roads, railways, waterways and air way too .

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