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Mr. Zhang's record of buying a house:

Summary:Abstract: My wife even brought her family to criticize me...

Mr. Zhang told his story of buying a house excitedly:

"When I refused to buy a house in Cambodia, my wife had a big fight with me and had a meeting with her family to criticize me. At the end, the whole family agreed that I was..."

"You are right?"

"I have apologized to them."

"How do you think about it now?"

"Of course, it`s so great."

 Firstly, what are you doing in Cambodia? Have you had nothing to do?

Mr. Zhang, a Northeasterner, was chasing a southern girl in college. After graduation, he followed her to a city along the southern coast. He married and settled down in a reasonable way. He lived in peace for decades. Last year, they had a conflict because of one thing. Although they had not reached the point of divorce, they almost separated.

"My wife travels to Cambodia, and when she comes back, she's crazy. She has to go there to buy a house, which is nicknamed investment." Mr. Zhang is a middle-level leader of a local industrial company. His wife works in an office and has three apartments in the locality. He can't understand his wife's idea completely.

"At that time, my idea was to manage my one in three acres of land and had no idea to go to Cambodia. I heard that the country was poor and broken, and always had power outages. Anyway, I just didn't understand. My wife said that I have no vision, timid. Is this timid? Is it always right to be conservative? We quarreled about it for two months and she didn't let me go to the bed. I slept on the sofa in my study room for a month. Isn't that all right? The last quarrel, I was a little emotional, ignored her, drank some wine, went to a friend's house to play mahjong for a night, originally wanted to sleep the next day, when I open door I was stunned." 

Mr. Zhang took a sip of water and continued. 

"As soon as I opened the door, all my relatives and neighbours came and had a meeting to criticize me. I was arguing for reasons, fighting against all the Confucians, and finally everyone agreed that I was..."

"You are right?"

 "I have apologized to them."

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Secondly, my wife has forced me to buy a house in Cambodia.

Mr. Zhang said: "My relatives` meaning is very clear. First, I have a house in our country, and I have a little spare money. I never play stocks, so my investment is better than that in the bank. Second, the house over there can be rented and mortgaged, and the pressure is low. There is no such treatment in our country at all. Third, buying low is always better than buying high strength. Fourth, I`m not as discerning as my wife is."

"I think about that my wife always manages family's money and other things. If I don't like to touch it, I'll buy it. But before I put it in, we made three rules. First, don't blame me if it suffered deficit. Second, I can ignore it, but I have the right to know. Third, I have to go in person. After all, it's my own money. My wife agreed as well."

"I thought Cambodia was broken and poor. I went to Phnom Penh to find out that it was totally different. There are many foreigners and lots of enterprises and many Chinese. Politically stable, almost entirely in dollars, high prices, but also earn more, then I think that it will be come true.".

"“The process of buying a house is very fast. We are looking for a Chinese intermediary. I bought it in October last year. The real estate is called the Prince’s Central Square. It costs 2,200 US dollars per square meter. The accounting is also more than 13,000 yuan. Quite cheap. 40 flat apartments, total price of 50 million, existing homes, apartments, luxury decoration, don't worry about it, but also for five years, when the horse was rented out, the monthly rent of 700 dollars, thieves save trouble. After I bought them, I went back to China after playing for a week. The rest of the things were handled by my wife, and I was left alone."

Mr. Zhang filmed in the sales center of Prince Group

A scene in Phnom Penh

"I've been working normally since I returned home. My wife just told me the other day that it's less than half a year, the price of the property we bought has gone up a lot. Now it's $2,980 per square meter, increased $780 per square meter, which accounts for more than 4,600 yuan. The house suddenly increased by more than 184,000 yuan. Now, I think, the momentum is not strong enough. When the population arises and the city develops, the price of the house will be increased sharply. After work, I rushed home to apologize to my wife. As an old sayings goes that a man among men is he who knows when to eat humble pie and when to hold his head high, is that right? "

Mr. Zhang was a little excited when he said these. He held up his glasses and went on to say:

"Where is it, everyone who is making money is happy. I was unfamiliar at first, so I didn't dare to buy it, but I also said it. If I am familiar with it, then I will buy it all, and the price will rise. Where can I still have it? I want to come back again, so say, my wife is very wise, this house is right."

"I also analyzed it myself. First of all, I said that I could not buy all the money at home, even a smaller house. Secondly, the domestic house prices are rising fast. How much more can they increase in Renminbi? Surely not as much as dollars? Finally, the property is rented, and the place I bought is Phnom Penh Center (Note: located in the BKK1 area of Phnom Penh, prosperous), and I don't want to live. The rent is only seven or eight hundred dollars, even if there is not much monthly loan repayment, it's much easier than investing in a house in China. I'm going to buy another one."

Internal Map of Apartment Purchased by Mr. Zhang

"What advice do you have for us?"

"Buy a house as early as possible, when you buy it, you will surely complain, it is worth after you buy it."

"No, it's really worth it. Finally, I wish you all great wealth in 2019."

  • ---------------------------------- The End ----------------------------------

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