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50000$ for a sea view condo, is it worth or not ? let me tell you

Summary:3 condos in Sihanoukville are worth.

Most of the house for rental is self using, so there is great shortage in housing rent. When busy season coming, hotels are so busy and it is difficult to seek one room. When get 2021, there are 2500 housings only, still Shortage exists.

Today, let me introduce new developments with sea view in SihanoukVille, good brand,good location......

01Prince Gold Bay

Project’s Name: Prince Edward Gold Bay

Developer: Cambodia HR House You Real Estate Group Co.LTD

Location: Sokha Beach

Total Floor: 41 Floors

Number of planned households:2139

First Sale’s Deadline:31-12-2021

Operation Grand-opening:02-02-2019

Price: from $2300/m²up

Evaluation: Prince Edward Golden Bay, located in the heart of Sihanoukville, is a typical high-end apartment with all the top features.

Such as 24-hour butler service, large open-air swimming pool, roof oversize ecological garden, etc., but it is still good to decide its appreciation space.

Location, is a sea view real estate worthy of investors' attention.


02 Platinum indigo Bay

Project’s Name: Platinum indigo Bay

Developer: Cambodia Real Estate Company

Location: about 200 meters to the left of Sihanouk Soka Beach

Total floor: 30 Floors

Number of planned households:536

Ended Time: 2021

Status: Already on sale

Price : from $1900/m²up

Evaluation: First-line sea view holiday apartment, panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, many properties in Cambodia are available for rental services, and the property will be favored by many foreign investors in the future.



03Tairong·Westport City

Project Name: Tairong·Westport City

Developer:The Sea gate Suite

Location: 500 meters from Sihanoukville Victory Beach

Total floor: 40 floors

Completion Time:2021

Status: Already on Sale

Price: from $2400 up

The real estate in the compass to find a room online a total of 30 suites are on sale, not listed one by one, if you need, you can scan the QR code at the end of the text into the group consultation.

Evaluation: The Tairong·Xigang City project was built by KHCN Investment and Development Co., Ltd. and was built by the Second Engineering Bureau of China State Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. The property is adjacent to the provincial government of Sihanoukville. It has a good location, beautiful ecological environment and great potential for appreciation. It can meet the living and office requirements of all age groups. After the completion of the project, it will become the core landmark of Xigang City.

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