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Types of house ? Location ? Fee?How to find it ? Let we tell you all.

Summary:It is never easy to rent a house. Take it easy.Do not be worried. Today we will show you how to find a comfortable house to live. Types of house ? Location ? Fee?How to find it ? Let we tell you all.

01 types of House


(Borey  picture from COMPASS real estate co.)

Borey is named as shophouse too. There are 3 floors or 4floors, is a economical type in Cambodia. If the borey is located at downtown,ground floor is used as shop or other businesses.

If you want to run a business , a block of it is available. Ground floor for run a shop or an office. Then floor 2 and floor 3 can be used as living space. If you got partners, a total floor is fine. 500 dollars is valid about ground floor in downtown. Borey’s bedroom always connected with balcony,bathroom and kitchen. There is best choice for people who do not have much budget.

Borey 1 bedroom 450$/month  2bedrooms 600$/month 3bedrooms 1300$/month

(Condo in Toul Kork Pic from COMPASS)

Hotel-style apartment, the signing of the laborers. The location is excellent, the environment is beautiful, and the furniture is complete. The small area is equipped with parking spaces and wireless internet; if the area is large, there is a swimming pool and gym, but the price will double.
Best of all, the serviced apartments have additional services such as laundry and cleaning, and are equipped with 24-hour police officers, especially for insecure partners, with a minimum price of around $500.

Condo 1bedroom 850$/month  2bedrooms 1100$/month  3bedrooms 1500$ /month

(Villa pic from COMPASS)

Villa, if you are a large group of people! Please choose a villa without hesitation! There are many rooms, with yards, most of them have dedicated parking spaces, fence or exterior wall protection, and night patrol personnel. Due to the increasing number of foreigners investing in Phnom Penh, villas are often in short supply, and the house that you look at must be started in time!

Average price of Villas 3500$/month

02Where i live?

Different advantages in different distinct in Phnom Pheh

If you want to get closer to the bustling city centre, consider these four areas:
• Four Arms Bay Area
•Boeung Keng Kang 1, 2, 3 partition
• Russian market
• Daun Penh

(Toul Kork ,Phnom Penh)

If you need a quiet place to live with, check the following distinct

• Toul Kork

• WAt Phnom

• Chroy Changvar


03 Price

This is the matter.

Location and type are key factors in determining house prices. Simply put, you can find a truly affordable place, or you can live in a big, expensive home.
The more restrictive townhouses cost only $200 a month. If you are closer to the center, the price may be higher.
The apartment starts at a price of about $350 a month. The closer the price is to the central area, the more expensive the home in the central area costs about $500. Apartments with more than one bedroom are priced from $700 to $2,000.
The starting price for a villa is usually around $1,000 per month. In the city center, up to $5,000 per month. (Hint: If you choose a villa, it is best to find the best price in the peripheral area)
For other expenses, electricity costs $0.25/kW, $2 to $10 per month for water and $20 to $60 per month for internet charges. If you spend money to clean people, you should spend between $30 and $100 a month, depending on the frequency.
The rent of all the houses, I can not say clearly in one sentence, may wish to go to the compass to find a room app to check, the information is super, the speed is super fast.
Finally, you need to know some key points about accommodation in Phnom Penh:
• Know the traffic around you, choose transportation rationally, are you riding a motorcycle? Still taking a taxi?

(Tuk Tuk)

• Many people choose to living at Work place nearby, traffic jam occurs in the morninf peak.

• you may need to Know your landlord , if they are friendly, able to be speak English , that is best.

•Choose the right place, make it convenience .

  • ---------------------------------- The End ----------------------------------

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