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Condo VS Office ? The truth you need to know

Summary:How to choose types of property when we are interested in Phnom Penh’s

With the prevalence of global asset allocation

Cambodia's Phnom Penh property has begun to be favored by international investors

Lower purchase threshold

Significant return on investment and huge investment appreciation prospects

Let Phnom Penh Real Estate become a "dark horse" in the tide of overseas home investment

This also makes many customers with overseas investment plans

Cambodia’s Phnom Penh as the first stop for wealth

Then the problem is coming,

If you invest in Phnom Penh, how do you choose to buy a home?

Why is the Phnom Penh property market so hot?Investment?

We have to admit it that the capital of Cambodia-Phnom Penh has become the fastest growth city in Southeast Asia. High-rise buildings, office buildings and towering apartments are lined up, and it is expected that there will be a new and booming property market in Phnom Penh in the next 5-10 years.

The rising economic growth rate is a key factor in the development of the real estate market. During 2005-2014, the Cambodian economy grew at an average annual rate of 7.5%, which created the rise of a group of local new rich people. They are an important supporting force for the development of the Phnom Penh property market.

Nowadays, investment market has been a nice choice for massive investors.

However, when someone is chasing the dream of Condo investment, meanwhile, someone choose to invest in offices, we named it commercial realty.

Which one is the best choice for investment?

Condo or office ? Xiao Nan needs to remind you that there is no absolute good or bad in the overseas investment market. There is indeed a state of development in the residential real estate and office real estate in Phnom Penh. Xiao Nan will analyze it one by one.


The property in Phnom Penh is denominated in US dollars, so the unique property of the property is particularly important in the current environment where the RMB exchange rate is not guaranteed. In other words, the investment in Phnom Penh property is very valuable for asset preservation and appreciation.
In addition, as a country's capital, the current price level in Phnom Penh is a low level in the entire Southeast Asian market. The average price is around 2W RMB/m2. For the average investor, this price is within the acceptable range. In the long run, both the appreciation space and the rental return are considerable.
At this stage, the development of residential properties in Phnom Penh is relatively rapid and shows signs of gradual slowdown, but it can be estimated that it is still in the stage of gold development, and the next 3-5 years is a key point, investors can rest assured.
In the case of a wide variety of real estate projects in the market but the quality is uneven, investors are advised to choose a large and secure developer's apartment project.


Although the apartment is still the main investment target of foreign investors and local Cambodian investors, it is not negligible that office investment is quietly rising.
In Phnom Penh, the annual supply of office buildings is extremely limited, in contrast to the increasing demand for office buildings – as Cambodia’s infrastructure continues to improve, geopolitical advantages, labor costs and lower operating costs will Further attracting foreign companies to enter the office in Cambodia, the demand and requirements for office buildings are rising, no longer satisfied with independent residential office, and tend to be more secure and convenient office environment, such as A-class office buildings with lower market stocks.
Many well-funded local and foreign investors are seeking to seize investment opportunities in the rising office market in Phnom Penh. The development potential of the Grade A office building in Phnom Penh is huge, especially when most of the office buildings on the market are only for rent. The state is even more precious.

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