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13000 per square meter, I want to buy an apartment in Cambodia

Summary:The growth of economy is keep increasing to 7% for recent years; this performance is remarkable in ASEAN. If you on the plane to Phnom Penh, colorful rural scenery you will get.

In the past two months, I have been discussing the purchase of a house with Lawyer Han. The location is from Beijing Sanhuan (opening) => Wuhuan (Duplex) => Liuhuan (commercial and residential) => Southeast Asia (Thai, Ma, Cambodia, Philippine, Yue...). If buys a house in Beijing is rigid demand, then Southeast Asia property can be regarded as a compelling asset preservation plan. "A ship is always safe at the shore - but that is NOT what it is built for (the ship is always safe on the shore, but that is not its mission)", Einstein said this sentence means: It’s not good to put money in your hands. It’s going to be useless when you don’t vote. After discussing it for a while, I decided to use the funds in my account to make an investment. But the problem is that this year, where is the promising investment for us?

Europe, America, Japan, Australia and Southeast Asia, from a specific country, countries that attract more attention from Chinese investors are nothing more than North America (USA + Canada), Europe (England, France and Germany + can live in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, etc.), Australia (Australia + New Zealand), Japan and Southeast Asia, South Korea's real estate investment after the Sade incident, the Chinese investment fever fell to a freezing point. The United States, the United States, Australia and Canada cannot afford to buy (really want to buy, at least the tourist visa problem has been solved, hahaha), with strong patriotic sentiment, the target is initially locked in the countries along the Southeast Asia Belt and Road. Just hit it off, let's do it, go to the house show, participate in the promotion meeting, collect the data of each item... Recall that buying a house is far better than working on the computer for 12 hours every day. Recently humiliated, how would I want to study investment in Southeast Asia? Poor! Poor!Poor!Take the horizontal comparison between the Southeast Asian market and the European and American markets:

When we investing in the markets of the United States, Australia, and Canada, the emphasis is on national stability, the rule of law, society, fine educational resources, and resources in the natural environment and humanities. But there are many disadvantages. Take the United States for example, the United States is a country with relatively high real estate taxes. The cost of purchase, cost of ownership, and maintenance costs are high.

Relatively speaking, the advantage of Southeast Asia is the disadvantage of Europe and the United States. For example, the European and US markets are relatively mature and their future growth may be lower. In the past two years, China’s overall strategy for the Belt and Road in Southeast Asia has been in Southeast Asia. It has had a profound impact. In the future, the entire economy will have a higher growth attribute, and real estate appreciation is expected to be higher. Southeast Asia's overall acquisition costs, maintenance costs, holding costs and transfer costs are very low, which is a significant advantage for Southeast Asia. Cambodia is an investment destination that has emerged in recent years.

China- Cambodia investment Comparison

Poor country,It is reliable? Now Phnom Penh (I am afraid you ask me if Phnom Penh is a country, well, it is the capital of Cambodia) is a construction site. The city is 12 kilometers long and wide. Probably smaller than a big city like Tieling City. But in such a small place, there are more than ten construction sites on each main street at the same time. Many unidentified Chinese people rushed to Cambodia to earn the "first barrel of gold" under the instigation of the intermediary.  After a period of exploration,I and Lawyer Han decided to go there and do a research. In view of the business trip that Lawyer Han is so busy, I decided to go there alone. After get touching with the agency, booking the ticket, and i fly directly to the Cambodian capital - Phnom Penh.

Oops, there is no direct flight from Beijing to Cambodia.

The growth of economy is keep increasing to 7% for recent years; this performance is remarkable in ASEAN. If you on the plane to Phnom Penh, colorful rural scenery you will get. As the capital of such a fast-growing country, does Phnom Penh feel that there is a taste of Beijing and Shanghai in the 1990s?

The visa upon arrival was undoubtedly charged for extra five dollars. As for the property market, i used to ask advice from my dad. Is this place like China in 1980s? After talked with the buyers from the one plane, the agent took us to the hotel first. Through the faint light in the roadside, we know the name of the main road in Phnom Penh - the Russian Avenue. In my impression, it is broken and poor. When i visited the Naga Hotel, i found that there is the legal Naga casino, i grasped few dollars in my pocket, resolutely decided to try it. I told myself this is an experience for local folklore

We going straight to the sales office the next day, I saw a lot of luxury cars on the road, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Land Rover, and the largest number of motorcycles (local Taxi is also based on motorcycle modifications).The agency told us that Phnom Penh is the city with the largest of Rolls-Royce, and was a little surprised! After reading a few projects, everyone was not very satisfied. The agent said that I would take you to see the project of Cambodia Prime Minister’s daughter, and everyone greeted it with a little exhaustion.

After arriving at the sales office, the lady who had the same plane with me (hereinafter referred to as Yang ) confirmed the developer's information. This project is one of the school districts under construction in Cambodia. It is opposite the North Bridge, the best international school in Cambodia. It is diagonally opposite the CIA and there are 9 schools of all level. The agency introduced more than 1,300 villas that have been sold out at the same time (foreigners are not allowed to buy villas), and the apartment project has just been on sale. Zero down payment, three-year interest-free installment, 50% for the three-year installment, and 50% for the delivery. Not chartered! No rent management service. Most of the projects in Cambodia are under the charter of the charter, three, five, ten years, wool out on the sheep. If a project dares to guarantee you five years of rent and 10% of rent per year, are you sure that the developer will be so nice?

After a brief introduction, the agency took us to visit the model room, a total of four types: 35, 55, 97, 171, and continued to visit the first three sets of units, all in the middle of the law. The last visit was the 171-unit type. When I went to the door with Yang Jie, the exclamation was unanimous. It was really great. Compared with the large domestic units, this type of apartment is absolutely king. 4 rooms, 3 halls and 3 bathrooms with reasonable layout and clear structure. When I walked into the cloakroom inside, I quickly took out my mobile phone and had a video call with lawyer Han. She liked it so much. At that time, I was excited about this set.

说明: news/1554877822526381.png

Cambodian houses are sold according to the size of the suite. Only Chinese developers are selling the floor space. Of course, their customer group is also mainly for Chinese buyers. After visiting the model room, me and Yang unanimously decided to buy it. Then start talking to sales. Because we bought a lot, there are 9 sets of four people, and the sales lady is also happy to help the leaders to adjust the points. I am very grateful to the agent and the sales manager who finally helped us get a satisfactory discount.

If people in the ordinary class need to get rich, there are two shortcuts: taking risks and controlling scarce resources then investing in Cambodia's real estate are like above. Generally speaking, there are three main factors for real estate investment consideration, Location. This project is not the most central location, but it is a wealthy area with few Phnom Penh digits and the most credible project in Cambodia. The property of living is greater than investment, but we are buying a house which is easy to sell when we want to sell it one day. When the house is booked, everyone can easily start experience, hahaha... can you judge if a city suitable for investment? Give you a suggestion: rather buy it when it is expensive, don't buy when it is uncompetitive. (Source: People Communication)

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