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When i got divorced, i went to Cambodia to be an investment seeker.

Summary:I fail to maintain my marriage and got divorced. Then i went to Cambodia and bought an apartment.

I fail to maintain my marriage and got divorced. Then i went to Cambodia and bought an apartment.

3 years later, the price of apartment just keep increasing.

In 2015, my marriage did not survive the seven-year itch, and finally died at the festival. My ex-husband and I were university classmates. The reason for our divorce was particularly simple. Suddenly I felt boring. Then we got divorced. My ex-husband and I are both Dinks, and even if we are divorced, there is nothing to worry about. If I have to say something, I am so afraid of the relatives in my family.

1. In the crusade of relatives, I fled to Cambodia.
My relatives are especially good at gossiping. When I was in love with my ex-husband, my mother didn't say anything. They said that they didn't like each other, just like they are the bride instead of me. As soon as the news of my divorce spreads, the family WeChat group was like a morning market. The aunts and big brothers keeping messaging to me. I did not reply it.This interview is not allowed to use my real name, I am afraid of they will know it is me.

What is the last straw to kill me is my family’s relatives lined up to arrange a blind date for me. I was sick of everything that I didn’t want to go home at all. I quit my job and I bought the ticket to Cambodia almost like ran away from my home. There is my classmate in Phnom Penh who is running a business in Phnom Penh. We always joking that she is doing illegal business. She and I said that although Cambodia is modest, but it is very comfortable, so i went to her house.

2.I bought an apartment when i thought over.

In this country, I found myself. My job is not busy at all, I have a lot of time to be in wondering, strolling, living in the way like a comedy, I even wonder that I will be here to for the rest of my life. That day, my bosom friend suggested me to settle down.
I didn't have a long-term plan to settle here, so I was hesitant, but She said that I would never buy such a cheap apartment again.

In 2015,Cambodia in is still poor in my opinion, but there are a lot of Chinese people, most of they come here to run factories. Because many things in Cambodia rely on imports and labor is cheap. This kind of scene reminds me of the time in China in 2005. At this time, the price of center in Phnom Penh is only about 1,400 US dollars / m2, if you are miss this chance, there is nothing to deserve to be cherish any more. I trust my bosom friend . She is very rational. When we were in college, we still didn't understand anything. She earns money from stocks stuff. When she earned money, she went abroad for travel on her own. She almost traveled all over. She told me that :“Have you seen the price of the capital of the country like this one?”
we visited many property here and there, and finally I chose a 30 square meter apartment, $1,500/m2, for a total price of over 45,000.And my friend bought a two-bedroom, 50 square meters, $ 1,600 / m2, with a total price of more than 80,000.

3.Guess what?My apartment’s price doubled.

After I bought the apartment, I finished the renovation. I still lived in my lazy days. I went China one month a year. In recent years, there have been more and more Chinese people in Cambodia. I felt that I am still at home.
This kind of day ended at the end of last year, I had to go back to China because of my private affairs. We had a dinner before I back to China. She mentioned it:
Lisa: "Hey, you got a great apartment, aren’t you?"
Me: "yes,How about now? The price of my apartment?"
Lisa: "More than two thousand? It has more than doubled. The price of my apartment has risen by more than 70,000 US dollars. I told you . At that time, you still don't believe that. If you in that time, your get a price like $2,600/m2, and the total price of the apartment should be more than $80,000. If you keep it, if you will not come back this time, you can sell it if you want to. Anyway, there are so many people who want to buy it now...”

“Do you have any suggestions for investors?”


"Actually, I am lucky. I have Lisa to help me. If I didn't get divorced, or I didn't have the annoying relatives in my family, I wouldn't  going to here. In short, my experience doesn't as meaningful as people excepted. However, looking at in another aspect, the situation will change. If all the opportunity are clearly in front of us, then everyone can make a fortunate. That is life."

  • ---------------------------------- The End ----------------------------------

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