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The Past of Cambodia

Summary:Cambodia used to stagnated and missed the opportunity.

Cambodia used to stagnated in the past.

In the 20 years that passed in 1970-1997, as the first golden age in Southeast Asia, we have bred the "Asian Four Little Dragons" and the Han River Miracles in Korea, all of which occurred during this period. Another Asian tiger (the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia), which almost became the new economy of Southeast Asia, grew up in the 1990s, but unfortunately, the 1997 Asian financial crisis gave this developing strong new economy. The economic is broken.

After years of global economic development, as long as the countries that are slightly on track are now basically middle-income countries. In these countries, some countries are happy, and some countries are tearing. The rest of it have stagnated because of some events.

The only country that can withstand this powerful financial turmoil, China, has gone through 40 years and is a global miracle!

What is the phase of Cambodia? Unfortunately, Cambodia is in the phase of worst -war time. Until 1993, Cambodia ended the domestic war in the leader of Prime Ministry Hun Sen.Then Cambodia can enjoy the peaceful.

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