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444 apartments for rent $ 300 in Phnom Pe

Summary:No matter you are working in Cambodia or running a business, accommodation is the hard event.

No matter you are working in Cambodia or running a business, accommodation is the hard event.

In the previous articles we had shared the procedure of rent a house in Cambodia. If you are missed that one, please check it again.

Today let us share the experience of rent a house in Cambodia. By the way, we provided some efficient houses for choice.


I want to put the safety in the first place. But when we talk about traffic jam in Cambodia, i choose transportation for the topic.

We got too many cars in China, so we got traffic jam.

As for Cambodia, we got traffic jam due to plenty reason.

Firstly, infrastructure is not well developed. The city lack planning coordination. As a country which not well developed, main roads get crossed with alleys. There are not enough main roads for vehicle and people. Do not be sure of your memory. When you get lost, it is difficult to find your way. It is beyond your imagination. Chongqing: Subway will be helpful.

Second, privatization of land. Privatization of land makes the road hard to get planned. With the Urbanization of Cambodia, foreigners and the growing population of local people, traffic jam will be the first problem that we are facing.

Lastly, Tuk tuk drivers are lack of traffic rules. Infrastructure in Phnom Penh is poor, but the accidents caused by people must be happen. They just keep go on the rampage instead of obey the traffic rules. If we are in China, we are call somebody’s name already.

Therefore, if you want to rent a house, location is most important element. Check the way home. If you are lost, try again. There is no The New World waiting for you, so do not take risk.


Do not live in borey if you want a high safety standard, especially for female, apartment is the best choice. Cambodia is not a messy country, but you are a new comer here, security is the first element. There are safety measures in most apartments Phnom Penh and West port, safety measure is helpful for you. Someone believe that Chinese town must be safe, there is a misunderstanding. All my advice is when you living abroad, people gather together to take care of each other, but it is does not mean we are safe in there. Like Russia Market, all races are living here with a good security. Besides, it is a nice place for shopping.

The most dangerous place is remote place. So try to avoid going somewhere strange, if you want to go there, get a partner. In somewhere of Cambodia, there is some dark in dusty which attract men. There is a tip for men, do not plays fool, and cheater is everywhere.


Someone thinking that i am working abroad and paid by dollars, so i have to live in a nicer place. Pool, gym, garden, i want it all. But cost extra hundred dollars a month. At the end of the month, nothing left at all.

Diligent and thrifty is virtues. Take traffic fee into consideration, if we can living in a comfortable way it is fine. When you home, you may want to sleep instead of swimming in a pool. Sometimes we spend money on this, it is a pity.

Then, it is hard for a stranger to looking for an apartment, language is the barrier. Why just use COMPASS Real Estate? Efficient, fast. Cambodia’s weather is so hot outside, trust COMPASS Real Estate, you can take rest at your place then we will do the housing finding work for you.

Look, you can choose the area, Phnom Penh, apartment, range from 0-500 dollars. 444 apartments will show in page, too many choices for you to choose.

Definitely, you can contact our wechat service, 24 hours we waiting for you.

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