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Housing Purchasing in Cambodia?Calm down. Who will buy your apartments?

Summary:We can look at this question in different aspects; there are 3 kinds of people.

After we release our tips for housing purchasing, many people contact our service and asked: Is there any apartment like that for rent?

Take time, our marketing department stuff will answer the question. Be patient please.

Today we will talk about the future of property in Cambodia. In other words, who will be the buyer for your apartment?

We can look at this question in different aspects; there are 3 kinds of people.

1.Is there any local people purchasing your apartments?

In China, housing is the necessity for a family, for a marriage.

Especially for 70s 80s housing is the necessity. With the development of China, the rich Chinese take the capital into market, then price of housing is up, next, the price keep thriving.

In this condition, housing not only for a necessity but also luxury. Not only the precondition for a marriage but also symbol of identification. I had spent plenty of money, i want to live in a classic community and security guard, if my neighbor is classic neighbor, who can speak English it is the best.

Will this happened in Cambodia? In other word, is there any local people buying your apartment?

To be honesty, we cannot fool our customer. Take high salary Phnom Penh for example, local white collar class’s salary range from $120 to $ 150. If they are working in a foreign company, they get $300 roughly. It is hard to rent a nice apartment, let us leave alone buy a nice apartment. That is the reason local people choose Borey, is cheap and econnomical.

Someone would be screaming: oh, i am losing my money, they cannot afford it.  NO NO.

Cambodia has through Red Khmer period, population is young, particular in Phnom Penh and West port. There are numerous young workers, low salary is for the beginning, like the China in the reform and open up time.

Besides, Cambodia supporting childbirth. In spite of like the booming time of China, but with the accumulation of wealth, housing becomes the necessity. Therefore, Cambodian may be cannot afford it today but in the future, potential is unlimited.

2.Will investors buy your housing? Yes. Definitely yes.

Someone has judge Cambodia property market like: Just a group of investors for force up the prices, and waiting for fools to buy it.

All i want to say: yes, you are right. Who are these guys? Business men! Why they buy housing? For hotel, restaurant, factory, dormitory and so on. In spite of we cannot run a great business, we need rent a house for small business. There is unlimited business opportunity in developing Cambodia. Food, clothing, shelter and means of traveling all need business.

In additional, dollars are used in here, this advantage attract numerous business men for investment.

How dare you can say they do not need housing? Are they fools?

Then Cambodia is well known by the rapid appreciate and high rate of return. Not only Chinese but also investors from all over the world are concern about Cambodia. They are preparing to make a fortune here. In the period, there must be some billionaires. The key is your housing location and size and type.

Of course, if you bought housing with remote location. Just ignore what i said. If you are agreeing with my opinion, you’d like to know it. Please add our service wechat account, and then tell us your demand. We will offer you the most professional answer.

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