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Cambodia Rental Return

Summary:In addition to the burgeoning trend of Cambodian house prices, ROI is also one of the important factors attracting many investors.

In addition to the burgeoning trend of Cambodian house prices, ROI is also one of the important factors attracting many investors.

According to the "2018 Global Urban Rent Return Rate" list, the rental return rate of the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh property reached an astonishing 6.92%, the fourth in the world and the first in Southeast Asia, surpassing most developed countries.

Looking at China in the list, the rental return rate is less than 3%, which is at the bottom of the list. This can also explain why so many wealthy squatters are laying out overseas, waiting for the appreciation to be able to get rents, why not?

Thus, today Xiao Nan will tell you in detail about the rent in Cambodia.

01.Why the apartments is the first choice?

Chinese people come to Cambodia to buy a house, the most concerned about the apartment, because most of these properties are well located, closer to the central area of a city, this is enough to attract the attention of office workers.

Secondly, compared with the domestically expensive apartment, you need pay a large amount of renovation fees and household appliances and facilities to rent out. Cambodian apartments often equipped with their own decoration, complete facilities, and you can buy it. Is it convenient to rent out?

Finally, savvy real estate developers have also advertised a 3-5 years help you to rent out slogan that is particularly suitable for get rent for loans. Think about it, if you are buy a house for rent in China, you get 3 or 4 rent app in your phone, every day It takes a long time to spend a lot of time to reply to tenant questions, let leave alone the calculation of the renting of the tenants' water fee and electricity fee, property management fees, etc., there are a lot of expenses, you may feel so tired. Instead, if you buy an apartment in Cambodia, real estate agents help you to rent out, all you need is relax. That is comfortable.

02.Rent trend

The rental return rate is the real demand of the apartment market, and the trend of the apartment market depends on the supply.

In the second quarter of 2018, there were 2,000 new apartments in Phnom Penh, and the total supply of apartments reached 11,830, an increase of 20% compared to the previous quarter. According to the data released by the Global Real Estate Guide, the monthly rental price in Phnom Penh ranges from about US$9/m2 to US$18/m2. The monthly rent of an apartment with an area of about 65 square meters is about 800 dollars. The rent for an apartment of 120m2 is about $1,700. If the location is good and the facility is good, the rent will increasing.

As the fastest growing GDP country in Asia, Cambodia is experiencing the rapid development of China 10 years ago. Its capital, Phnom Penh, has a net population increase of 250,000 in 2011-2016, with an average annual growth rate of 2.97%. It is the third-largest city in terms of global population growth. By 2030, the total population of Cambodia is expected to increase from 15 million to 19 million, and the population of Phnom Penh is expected to increase to 3 million. By then, there will be 800,000 housing demand. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the proportion of houses rented in Phnom Penh is as high as 80%-95%, with very few vacancy rates. It can be seen that the demand for renting houses in Phnom Penh is unlimited, and the future of rent increase has become a trend.

For real estate investment, the main benefits come from two aspects: one is rent and the other is the value-added the property. Today, in the areas of Phnom Penh and Sihanouk vile. Cambodia, not only is house prices soaring, but also rents are rising. With the heating of the property market in the two aspects rising, there may be bubbles in house prices, but the rent will not exist bubbles. Therefore, for overseas investors, Cambodia is the best choice.

We had wrote an article : investing in real estate for 7 years, an apartment with one bedroom rent is as high as 10,000+, and all details the rent of Cambodia's real estate, so if you are interested please read it. If you are interested in it, please add our WeChat customer service: xiaozhou521789, she will give you the most professional answer.

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