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Kep in Cambodia is the dark horse of property Market.

Summary:As for the smallest municipality, Kep is easy to be ignored. However, from geographic position, city resource, scale of land, Kep is promising in property market. Maybe tomorrow Kep will be the number 1.

When we talked about Kep, someone just sniffed at it.

“Such a small place, there is anything comparable.”

Take it easy, I will explain to you. Keep your eyes open, Kep is the dark horse.

Kep used to belong to Kampot province. From 28th February 1993, Kep became a municipality. The smallest municipality which covers an area of 336Km² with a population of 40 thousand. Kep is a tourism spot. Kep is called Krong Kep in Cambodia,

As for the smallest municipality, Kep is easy to be ignored. However, from geographic position, city resource, scale of land, Kep is promising in property market. Maybe tomorrow Kep will be the number 1.


How nice the geography of Kep?

First, Kep is located on the Vietnamese border and faces the Gulf of Thailand. It is 146 km from Phnom Penh, 125 km from Sihanoukville and 44 km from Kampot. It is easily accessible and well-connected.

02City Resource

Kep became a municipality of Cambodia because it is an extremely famous seaside resort in Cambodia and has extremely rich tourism resources. Although the status of Kep was replaced by the rise of Sihanouk vile, Kep is still the closest seaside town to the capital. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides and the climate is humid. Although the construction of the city is not as attractive as the Sihanouk, the natural beauty is perfect. The villas, inns and resorts designed by the French are extremely luxurious. It can be seen that the Kep is a place that exists only for enjoyment. This description is influenced by its human history, and we will discuss it later.

The most important thing is that the Cambodian government's plan for the future of Kep is to build it into a senior leisure tourism area.

The city, beaches, islands, markets, tourist ports, residential houses, tourism service companies and other tourist attractions will all be developed to the greatest extent. It is worth mentioning that Kep does not allow the development of casinos and industrial areas. It will be a great place to live, pension and travel.

In addition, a travel data last year showed that in December, before and after New Year's Day, hotels in Kep and Kampot were all booked, while Sihanouk's room was not fully booked. The significance of this data is that Kep has the potential to surpass Sihanouk, and the city’s positioning cannot be replaced.

03Humanism and History

Why we call Kep an enjoyable city? I have to mention romantic-lover French colonists.

During the French colonial period, Kep was a holiday resort for the French upper class. During the Khmer Rouge period, houses in the area were destroyed once. Some of them have been repaired in the past 20 years. With the emerging of new resorts, Europeans with a colonial complex follow the footsteps of their ancestors to Kep, where they run their business, spread their culture, and live in harmony with the locals for over a hundred years. Kep has bring up its own unique culture.

Later, the rich people of Cambodia inherited this tradition and still like to go on holiday here until now. In fact, this is a sea otter. There was no beach. It was an artificial beach that was later transported from the sand of Sihanoukville.

04Scale of land.

The price of land is stable now. Because the city construction in Phnom Penh and Sihanouk vile is in full swing, it is easy to ignore this dazzling pearl.
Two years ago, the land of Kep was only $40/m2, equivalent to less than 280 yuan. Generally, there are small villas, inns and restaurants which is purchased by the French. Even now, Kep land and property prices are still not high, and it is remain stable.

In addition, Kep is small municipality and the land and real estate in the central area in great shortage. As the tourism in the region gradually developing, the potential for appreciation is infinite... Maybe someday, with development speed of Phnom Penh and Sihanouk Vile are slowing, Kep will become a hot spot and a rare pearl.

In a short word, Kep, Kep, the potential land for investment.

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