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Titan Stone Group occupies value lands in Phnom Penh and builds a high-end condo in Cambodia

Summary:Since its developed in Cambodia, Titan Stone Group has become the leader in local real estate companies with its brand and strength, and has a remarkable industry position and influence in the local property market.

In recent years, China real estate purchase restriction and loan policies have been continuously introduced, and more and more Chinese people have move their sights on the Southeast Asian market with low real estate base and fast economic growth. As an emerging economy in Southeast Asia, Cambodia's political situation is stable, its economic development momentum is strong, and its investment potential cannot be underestimated. It has become a hot spot for China and foreign investors.

As a professional financial investment group, Titan Stone Group  is very optimistic about the development potential of Cambodia. As early as four years ago, we conducted close inspections of Cambodia and neighboring countries. Since its developed in Cambodia, Titan Stone Group has become the leader in local real estate companies with its brand and strength, and has a remarkable industry position and influence in the local property market.

Recent days, we are honored to have Mr. Deng from Titan Stone Group, let he unveil the Titan Stone Group.

Over 20 years of experience in the industry,Adhere to the honesty standards for talents

Mr. Deng, the general manager of  the Titan Stone Group.It has worked the financial industry as early as 1999 and began to work in related fields in large financial institutions in Hong Kong and Singapore. He has worked the Dutch ING Bank and Hong Kong foreign investment platforms.,he has a professional and rich experience in investment banking business.

Mr. Deng from Titan Stone Group

Mr. Deng took the lead in entering the Cambodian real estate market four years ago. He has more than 20 years of experience. He not only has in-depth research on financial investment, risk control, real estate development, but also attaches great importance to the selection of talents. He believes that "talent is the base of the enterprise, the group is very concerned about the selection of talents. The first criterion for the group to inspect employees is integrity, an honest and trustworthy employee has the possibility to go forward, people who are honest and willing to grow, It is a really good talent." The development of the Titan Stone Group is inseparable from talents, and the talents with integrity will be the future of the Titan Stone.

Deeply cultivate the Cambodian market, professionally  ensure quality.

In the interview, we learned that Hong Kong Titan Stone Group which was established in 2003 as a professional financial investment group with an excellent financial background. Currently, the group is in charge of the funds of 700 million US dollars, and there are 30 funds and project funds, which have assisted 60 companies for companies listed successfully and helped completed large-scale mergers and acquisitions.

The group has a wide scope of businesses, including real estate development, equity mergers and acquisitions, asset management, and private asset management. In terms of real estate development, Mr. Deng said that the Cambodian real estate project Picasso City Garden and KY Icenter Apartments are unique in terms of area or construction, and the sales of the two projects are remarkable since the projects are on sale.

“Next Group will have a series of big moves in Cambodia,” said Mr. Deng. “For example, the second phase of Picasso will be officially launched, and the group’s long-established plan to form an insurance company has already obtained a local government license. It is expected that  It will be officially working in August " A series of significant investment plans, it is not difficult to see the determination of the Titan Stone Group to root in the Cambodian market.

Strictly study the market to create long-term and stable returns for investors.

Mr. Deng said that many years of experience in financial industry told us how to avoid investment risks and how to provide long-term and stable returns to customers to help investors create maximum value, rather than blindly pursue profits.

Since 2015, Titan Stone Group has actively researched Southeast Asian countries and has been objectively and rigorously evaluated by the Group's strong financial team. It has finally selected the economic development leader of the 10 ASEAN countries and the new Asian economy, Cambodia, as the first stop to enter ASEAN.

Mr. Deng believes that Cambodia is one of the most investing countries for following reasons:

1, housing prices are on the rising period, the local government officially allowed foreigners to buy houses in 2010, until 2012, the government allowed foreigners to invest in Cambodia. Compared to neighboring countries Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia relatively cheap housing prices;
2, the local population is young and the labor force is sufficient, the current population accounts for 70% under 30 years old, and 30% over 30 years old;
3. A stable political situation, Prime minister Hun Sen was re-elected in 2018, and expressed his willingness to renew his two-year term;
4, US dollar trading, investors' funds will not be affected by the exchange rate fluctuations;
5. The Belt and Road policy is favorable, and Cambodia accepts investors from all over the world in an open mood.

Value dominated by location. Phnom Penh is the center for investment and run a business.

The location of a real estate project will determine whether it has an investment value, and the core area of a city is the choice of developers and buyers.

At present, Phnom Penh, as the capital of Cambodia, a political, cultural and economic center, currently has a total population of about 3 million and will grow to 8 million in 2030. As an economic center, Phnom Penh has undertake 85% of Cambodia's commercial activities. Compared with Sihanouk vile, which has a total population of 300,000, Phnom Penh has a larger demographic dividend. In the government's urban development plan, Phnom Penh will undoubtedly be a national key development city.

Mr. Deng said that the most important item of the project is the location. The location affects the value. At present, the most expensive land in Cambodia is in BKK1 in Phnom Penh. The project planning of the Titan Stone Group also surrounds this area. He said that it is like the first-tier cities in the north, Guangzhou, and Guangzhou. No matter how they change afterwards, the land value of first-tier cities is always there.

Understanding customer needs, building high-end projects in Cambodia.

Mr. Deng said, “By taking root in the Cambodian real estate market, after understanding the analysis, it is known that there are two types of Cambodian property buyers, one is a high-end group with abundant capital and the other is ordinary buyers. In Cambodia, The high-end group is less than 3% of the total population, the two-level differentiation is more obvious, and the middle class is less. Of course, there will be many foreign investors in the early-development period of a country, but the real demand is  from who will be promoted to the middle class in the next decade. It is local users.

He said that no matter the type of buyers, it is the ultimate goal of the project to meet customer needs and improve the quality of living. The projects developed by Titan Stone Group not only meet the needs of local and investors in the apartment, but more importantly, let the buyers feel the sincerity of the Titan Stone Group. For example, in Phnom Penh, the parking lot for most projects is built on the ground, while the parking lot of the Picasso City Garden is 4-5 underground, and is reinforced with continuous walls next to the foundation. The cost of the foundation is three times of the cost of the building itself. There are  not too many developers choose  to spend this money, and the Titan Stone Group is doing this to improve the comfort of the buyers and to show the quality of the boulder.

Realty investment advice: choose a well-known developer and choose a region with development potential.

Finally, Mr. Deng offered several suggestions to the property buyers: selling risky assets, embracing the dollar trading area; selecting brand developers to reduce capital and property risks; selecting areas with greater development potential, choosing core locations, and increasing real estate Value added.

>>>Picasso City Garden Project Introduction

The Picasso City Garden is an art residence created by the Titan Stone Group. The design is based on the auspicious symbol of local culture, Naga, and is presented in Picasso's cubist expression. The project is located in the core of BKK1 where foreigners gathered. It is close to the embassy special zone, and the environment is beautiful and quiet. The amount of households is only 143, and the supporting facility is well equipped.

>>>KY iCenter Project Introduction

KY-iCenter is located in the core of Phnom Penh - the BKK business district. The Phnom Penh government officials, major corporate executives, and Phnom Penh wealthy people live here. The district is famous for its embassy special zone. A number of multinational banks, corporate headquarters, star hotels, high-end fine restaurants and large modern shopping centers are gathered here.

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