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Pay attention to details when you buy decorated housing.

Summary:Pay attention to details when you buy decorated housing.

In Cambodia's real estate market, almost all the buildings are under the slogan of decorated and move in condition, but in fact, most of the decorated apartment have different delivery standards, some apartments delivery with home appliances and furniture, some apartment delivery with kitchen utensils and tableware bed four sets, some apartment only with furniture without soft appliances, different buildings and different delivery standards. So, is there a standard about decoration ?
"Fine decoration" refers to the grade and specifications of decoration, and has a certain design effect and style. General refined decoration housing, the ground uses brand glazed bricks, antique bricks, or marble and other high-grade materials; the ceiling has a certain shape, delicate material and environmental protection; kitchen is an integral cabinet, bathroom has ceramic tiles, in building materials will basically use brand and ensure after-sales service, factory cabinet, only need to move into the house. Soft clothes such as sofas and appliances can be checked in.
Fine decoration projects mainly include:
1. Hidden works: water supply system, electricity, heating, network lines, telephone lines, cable TV, waterproof layer;
2. Foundation engineering: wall foundation, ground foundation and ceiling foundation;
3. Decoration engineering: wall tiles, floor tiles, floors, latex paint, decorative panels, etc.
4. Decoration supplies: cabinets, bathrooms, finished doors, lamps, various control panels;
5. Individual fine decoration even furniture, directly move in condition.
Cambodia needs to pay attention to the following points when purchasing hardbound houses:
1. Investigating the Strength of Developers
In an overseas country, we must make a multi-sided investigation on the strength of the developers, understand the implementation of a fine decoration project on the developers and the owners'opinions, the qualifications of the decoration engineers and the construction level of the decoration team, etc. Only those well-managed, well-known, named developers can develop projects that people will trust.
2. Don't blindfold your eyes by the show room
In order to sell fine deocrated apartment better, the general developers will do some beautiful model houses to attract consumers. Of course, attention should be paid when you inspecting at the housing. The show room are generally very fancy, exaggerated and illusory, giving people a strong visual impression, coupled with the sales staff's advertisement, buyers always trust it then neglected some details. For example, the main lamp, corridor lamp, wall lamp and other lighting in the model room will all be turned on when the buyers inspecting the apartment, which makes some small defects easily concealed.
3. Write the decoration rules into the purchase contract
Many buyers often decide whether to buy the house or not soon after seeing the beautiful show room, but they have not noticed that show room they saw before signing the purchase contract is different from the actual situation they saw when they accept it, so the buyers must do all they can to ensure the details when they signing the purchase contract, possible details.
The decoration standard of fine decorated apartment, all material grades and brands, environmental protection level, warranty period, determination of liability for compensation, and agreements for apartment change and ask for return housing condition should be written into the purchase contract in detail one by one, so as to provide a basis for claims when disputes arise in the future, and try to avoid word like "high-quality", "high-grade", "no less than" and so on.
4. Attention to decoration details during inspection
Details of decoration is the most important thing to pay attention to when buyers inspecting and acceptance, we must pay attention to water leakage, cracks, interface parts, especially some hidden works buried in decoration, but also to some commonly used components such as hardware.
Quality aspects such as whether the floor is uneven, whether floor tiles have empty hole, whether wooden furniture and doors are deformed, whether woodworking is meticulous, whether the paint is bright and so on, whether water supply system, electricity layout, gas, related lines are useable etc.

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