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Multiple Service Guarantees
Make A Worry-Free House Renting
Compass Real Estate Website Apartments Rental Entrustment Service, starting from the time the house rent out until the end of contract, always there with you showing great attention to detail; very careful and precise. The Rental Entrustment System included a full-process service, not only provide the owner with more freedom to choose, it will also further clarify the benefits you could enjoy during the house entrusting process, and get a better renting entrusted experience.
Three Types of Entrustment
Service for Owner to Choose
1Exclusive Entrustment
Sign Rental Entrustment Agreement with Compass Real Estate Platform, time-saving, worry-free, trouble-free, and income is guaranteed. According to the agreement, during the entrusting period, property viewing, property renting, property promotion, etc. are all solely responsible by Compass, and you cannot entrust other intermediaries or private individuals to the property. During the entrusting period, you will easily enjoy the rental income, as Compass will pay for the rent of vacant room, which will guaranty the safety of your income.
Simple Entrustment2
While entrusting property with Compass, property viewing, property renting, property promotion, etc. all are our responsibility. At the same time, you can also entrust your property with other intermediaries or private individuals.During entrusting period, you will enjoy the rental income, as it will be calculated from when the customer start staying.
3App Entrustment
The Owner can become Compass partner by register with Compass Agent App. You can publish your own properties as you like, but Compass does not provide services such as property viewing,renting, or promotion. In this entrusted method, the renting of the property is responsible by the owner, and the stability of rental income cannot be guaranteed.Compass will not be responsible for the property, as it is not directly entrusted to Compass.
There Are Four-Steps of Entrusting Process
to Let You Enjoy the Rental Income
In order to make you feel secured and relaxed entrusting your property with us, Compass has developed a set of standardized procedures. At a glance, you can clearly understand the entire process of entrustment from property entrusting to renting out, and every step can be counted.
2.Communicate through apartments personnel. Compass will assign an agent to contact you as soon as possible or come to visit you directly.
4.Become partner with Compass, Sign the Rental Entrustment agreement and enjoy property management service from us.
1.Submit entrusted property information through online, hotline call or in-store directly.
3.Develop a rental plan. Compass personnel surveyed the quoted price and makes a rental entrustment plan.
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