Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

In order to better protect your rights and fulfill regulatory requirements, please read the 《Privacy Agreement 《Authorization Instructions Push Service Privacy Policy》carefully before using Compass related services. When you click the "Agree" button, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms, which will constitute a legally binding document on you.

1. The protection of user privacy is a basic policy of Compass. Compass has adopted security measures that comply with industry standards to protect your personal information.

2. Based on your authorization, we may apply for and use your storage permissions for downloading and caching related files; location permissions, based on your location, to show you surrounding housing information and services; device information for Send you message push and log in to the registration service; album permission, used to use the camera function and upload mobile phone photos; microphone, used to send voice messages in instant messaging chat; phone: used to call customers or brokers;User personal information: used for statistics and analysis of user behavior data.

3. None of the above permissions will default or force the collection of information to be enabled.

4. Without your authorization, we will not share your information with third parties or use it for other purposes that you have not authorized.