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What is driving the land and house development momentum along National Road 3 ?

Summary:The National Road No. 3, which runs from Phnom Penh to Kampot, is currently opening the work place to expanding and upgrading the road quality of over 134 kilometers in the year after receiving a Chinese business of about 300 million US dollars. Strengthening the road is pushing up the momentum of real estate, residential and real estate developments.


The National Road No. 3 project from Phnom Penh to Kampot province is undergoing a ground-breaking ceremony to extend and upgrade the quality of over 134 km of roads, after receiving Chinese assistance of about $ 300 million.Strengthening the road is also pushing for the momentum of real estate, residential and real estate development. 

The site of this expansion is from Phnom Penh (Chom Chao) to Kampot city, passing the length of 12km Kandal, 11km Kompong Speu distance 30km, Takeo province 30km long and 51km Kompot province Meter.

In fact, today, land development projects, land plots, rented land for warehouses and residences are booming along National Road 3. At this point, the road expansion factor is the key to pushing up real estate investment and developing well ahead.
The National Highway 3 is a new development zone after National Road 4 because this route is a line connecting the Kep and Kampot provinces, which is  the development of Sihanoukville today.

The development on this highway can be a resort area or a relaxing place because the atmosphere of National Highway 3 has a good health, good condition after they are vacationing in Kampot and Kep provinces, especially international visitors Can accommodate many after traveling on the coast, such as the annual Sea Festival, etc Kampot in the future will be  develop like Sihanoukville had developed in nowday. it would be take time for development work in this area.

Kampot Province is a region of great potential for real estate development with recreational resorts, water port, construction materials, and investment in agriculture. And for land prices, it is possible to increase the value of major development areas to  especially near national tourism sites.
National Road # 3 is one of Cambodia's major highways to transport goods to the deep-sea port in the near future, while Kampot plans to build a deep-water port capable of enabling large mariners Storage of 10,000 tons to 30,000 tons that can be transferred and stored.

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