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Phnom Penh commercial District| Explore the Top 10 Powerful Commercial Districts (Part 2)

Summary:In the previous article, we learned about the three most familiar commercial districts in Phnom Penh. Today, we’ll continue to explore the remaining seven commercial districts

Phnom Penh commercial District| Explore the Top 10 Powerful Commercial Districts (Part 1)

In the previous article, we learned about the three most familiar commercial districts in Phnom Penh. Today, we’ll continue to explore the remaining seven commercial districts ↓↓↓

PPCC Commercial District✨ 

Major projects in the district: Eden Garden Mall, Khalandale Mall, VIEW PARK Mall, One Park


The Overview

The PPCC (Phnom Penh City Center) is also known as “Boeung Kak”. It is located in Khan Daun Penh of Phnom Penh city. It was developed in 2007 based on the Boeung Kak Satellite City and named Phnom Penh City Center (PPCC). The satellite city covers a total area of 114 hectares, including high-end villas, commercial and residential buildings, high-end hotels, office buildings, etc. In addition, there are international schools, supermarkets, parks and other infrastructure surrounded the area.


The location between Monivong Blvd and Russian Federation Blvd, it’s surrounded by government departments and financial headquarters such as Vattanac Capital Tower and Canadia Tower. At the same time, the satellite city is home to three major shopping centers: Eden Garden, Khalandale, and VIEW PARK, as well as golf clubs, sports center, etc., has become a unique commercial, leisure and residential area in the center of the city.



Eden Garden Mall, opened in 2018, it is Phnom Penh’s first 24-hour outdoor retail area and a typical representative of Phnom Penh’s open commercial. There are numerous restaurants, a cinema with frequent movie events, indoor and outside bar, sports clubs…and also a Chip Mong supermarket, clothing stores and children’s playground, which is a good place for you to dine out and for family leisure and entertainment.



Khalandale and VIEW PARK are similar to Eden Garden. These three major shopping centers together form the “PPCC Commercial District”. In addition, “One Park”, Phnom Penh’s first garden community in the district, has also created 11,000㎡ of characteristic commercial spaces, which is in line with the above shopping centers, while children's play facilities are currently being installed in the area between them.

As more projects are being developed in the district, the strength of the PPCC will definitely reach a higher level.

TK (Toul Kork) Commercial District✨ 

Major projects in the district: TK Avenue Mall, Samai Square, Fun Mall, etc.


The Overview

Toul Kork District is a well-known wealthy area in Phnom Penh, where a large number of high-net-worth families gather. The living atmosphere here focuses on quality, quietness and livability. The district also has high-quality educational resources such as the RUPP (Royal University of Phnom Penh), the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, and medical centers such as the National Pediatric Hospital, Preah Kossamak Hospital...


The commercial district of Toul Kork is mainly focused from TK Avenue Mall and spreads to the surrounding areas. With the openings of Samai Square and Fun Mall, the strength of the commercial district has been improved, but overall it still mainly focuses on meeting the living needs of the regional residents which currently no super large shopping mall. However, the commercial district is close to Sen Sok Business District and can complement each other very well. At the same time, there are more and more restaurants and convenience stores in the district, creating a stronger commercial atmosphere.


TK Avenue Mall, a boutique shopping center located at the corner of St.315 and St.516 in Toul Kork District. There are local and international brands, supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores and cinemas, with a beautiful environment and complete supporting facilities.


Samai Square, opened in 2020, it is a premium food mall in Toul Kork District. There are more than a dozen dining options, including food and brands from around the world, as well as bars and of course local Cambodian cuisine and a cinema.



Fun Mall opened in 2022, with the theme of Chinese style, especially Hong Kong style. It is a comprehensive shopping mall integrating restaurants, retail, fashion, collections, and supermarkets, which has become a famous visit place in Phnom Penh.

In addition, there is a traditional market - Toul Kork Market, where fresh agricultural products, daily necessities, and clothing can be purchased. The market is also a Chinese commodity wholesale center.

Wat Phnom Commercial District✨ 

Major projects in the district: Vattanac Capital Tower, Exchange Square, Phnom Penh Night Market, Central Market, Sorya Shopping Center, EDC Juta shopping mall (under construction), Yuetai Phnom Penh Harbour’s commercial (under planning) etc.

Doun Penh.png

The Overview

Doun Penh is the core area and the most important commercial district in Phnom Penh city center. Many famous tourist destinations and landmarks are located in this area, such as the Royal Palace, the Central Market, the National Museum, and Wat Phnom temple... At the same time, this district also has the most expensive land prices. 


Wat Phnom Commercial District is mainly focused from the Wat Phnom temple and spreads to the surrounding areas. It is a typical commercial district in Phnom Penh that combines modern shopping malls with traditional markets. Modern high-end shopping malls include the Vattanac Capital Tower. For local traditional markets, there are the Central Market and Phnom Penh Night Market, as well as several commercial projects under construction or planning. The commercial district located next to main road of Norodom Blvd, which has strong strength and business atmosphere.


The shopping mall within the iconic Vattanac Capital Tower houses a selection of exclusive and high-end brands as well as a number of F&B outlets.

Vattanac Capital Tower has a total height of 187.3 meter (39 floors) that includes a luxury retail mall, office, a five-star hotel (Rosewood Phnom Penh), and the tallest and most luxurious sky bar in Phnom Penh. Its retail mall is mainly located on the first floor you can find Some high-end brands include Burberry, Canali, Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, as well as other high-end cosmetics and clothing.



Exchange Square is a mixed commercial and retail shopping mall opened in 2017. It is a middle-class shopping and leisure place. The shopping mall has restaurants and beverage shops, grocery stores, cinema with some international brands.

Sorya Shopping Center, opened in 2003, it is the first building in Phnom Penh to have escalators. The mall houses a variety of F&B outlets, retail stores, grocery stores, a cinema and a rooftop gym.


Central Market, also known as "Phsar Thmey",  is one of the landmarks in Phnom Penh and one of the oldest markets in Phnom Penh. The light yellow building completed in 1937 has a 26-metre high central dome, with 4 wings extending to huge hallways. Designed by city architect Jean Desbois and erected in Art Deco style, Central Market was the largest of its kind in Asia when it was constructed in 1937, during the French colonial era. There are hundreds of stalls inside the market, selling a variety of goods including clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, watches, household items, spices, fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also a good place for foreign tourists to buy souvenirs.

In addition to the above landmark commercial projects, the commercial district also includes EDC Juta shopping mall (under construction) and Yuetai Phnom Penh Harbour’s commercial (under planning), which will become even more prosperous in the future.

7 Makara Commercial District✨ 

Major projects in the district: The Olympia Mall, Chip Mong Bak Touk Center, Orussey Market, City Mall, Olympic Market, etc.

7 Makara.png

The Overview: 

7 Makara is the smallest  district in Phnom Penh. It is also the administrative center and one of the old Commercial districts in Phnom Penh with number of Chinese people living here.

In terms of commerce,  7 Makara relies on the Cambodia's largest wholesale market- Orussey Market. Local residents can complete their daily purchases at the Orussey Market and other small markets.


Olympia Mall, the first modern large-scale shopping mall in 7 Makara District, is a place for leisure and entertainment for surrounding residents. Although there are not many mall brands at present, it can meet the main consumer needs. At the same time, the mall is also creating its own night market to enrich business formats. 


There is also “City Mall”  not far away, and “Chip Mong Bak Touk Center” at the opposite, which also provides various retail, convenience stores, and catering services. Overall, it can meet the daily consumption, leisure and entertainment needs of residents in the area.

Koh Norea-Chbar Ampov Commercial District✨ 

Major projects in the district: The Park Community Mall, Koh Norea Parkway, Riverwalk Night Market, etc.

Koh Norea-Chbar Ampov.png

The Overview: 

Chbar Ampov District has a superior geographical location and good natural environment, which has attracted many investment and most of them are Borey townhouses and villa communities. The most representative one is Borey Peng Houth, whose project covers an area of about 200 hectares, is the largest residential project in the area. Therefore, many wealthy and high-net-worth individuals gather here. “Koh Norea Satellite City” is a key development project in Chbar Ampov District. Its supporting facilities and various resources are top-notch, and it is also a popular investment area.



In terms of commercial, there is The Park Community Mall in Chbar Ampov. It was opened in 2018, offering outdoor space and a variety of dining and retail options. The mall has more than 4,500 square meters of retail leasable space and sufficient parking spaces for customers.



At the same time, with the development of Koh Norea Satellite City, “Koh Norea Parkway” has also been opened, with a total length of 4 kilometers and covering more than 20 retail stores of different scales. Moreover, “Riverwalk Night Market” has recently moved to PH Euro Park (a European-themed leisure park in Borey Peng Houth). In addition, the bridge connecting Koh Pich Satellite City and Koh Norea Satellite City has been opened to traffic, making it easier to connect the Chbar Ampov Commercial District to the BKK1-Koh Pich Commercial District.

Chroy Changvar Commercial District✨ 

Major projects in the district: Sakura Avenue, Food Palace, BIG C (under planning), etc.


The Overview: 

Chroy Changvar is an emerging and key development area in Phnom Penh and its major facilities are being accelerated. Among them, “Chroy Changvar Satellite City” is developed by the Overseas Cambodian Investment Corporation (OCIC), covering power plants, shopping malls, exhibition centers, as well as various sports facilities, government buildings, schools, clubhouses and more...

In addition, Some residential of Borey communities and condominiums have been handed over to the customers. They are close to the mature area of Chroy Changvar and have a certain commercial foundation.



In terms of commercial, although the Food Palace and Sakura Avenue have been launched, they still need to be guided to attract more popularity. At the same time, OCIC and Thailand's hypermarket operator BIG C Group have confirmed their cooperation and will usher in a large wholesale chain shopping mall covering an area of 2.7 hectares at the Chroy Changvar Satellite City, which will add strength to the commercial district.

Ly Yong Phat Commercial District ✨ 

Major projects in the district: Makro 3, Borey shophouses along National Road 6A, Borey Nadi’s commercial (under planning), etc.

LYP Satellite City.png

The Overview: 

Ly Yong Phat Satellite City is also a key development project in Chroy Changvar District. The investment in the satellite city is approximately US$1.5 billion, which includes commercial buildings, golf courses, water park, national stadium, five-star hotels , etc. The Cambodian Friendship City "Chinatown" project covering an area of 550 hectares is also located in the satellite city. Major leisure and entertainment facilities have been built, and the residential area has now been developed into a high-quality villa area.


In terms of commercial, Makro Chroy Changvar (Makro 3) opened at the end of 2022, fills the gap in the lack of large-scale commercial projects in the area. Prior to this, daily consumption in this area was mainly in various shops opened in shophouses along the line National Road 6A. For example, project of brand developers such as PH, Orkidé, Chip Mong, and World Bridge Group, with complete basic living facilities. Supermarkets, restaurants, and coffee shops gather together, forming small-scale community businesses. At the same time, according to the master plans of major Borey projects in the area, almost all have community businesses. With the continuous development of this area, it will become a new powerful commercial district.

In addition to the above 10 major commercial districts, there are many Borey projects in Phnom Penh. The concentration of residential and condominium projects has also brought more community businesses or podium-ground floor commercial outlets, some of which have matured. 

For example, Tonle Bassac Commune located in the southern part of Norodom Boulevard has many embassies, residences, and hotels. Among them, the "Prince Square" series of residential and commercial podiums have matured, especially the gathering of delicacies from all over the world, creating a strong commercial atmosphere.

The Midtown Community Mall located on Road 2004, the K Mall near the airport, and the community commercial of Chip Mong mentioned above are all typical representatives.

  • ---------------------------------- The End ----------------------------------

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